Ark: Survival Ascended - ServerAPI (Crossplay Supported)

Official Ark: Survival Ascended - ServerAPI (Crossplay Supported) 1.16

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Ark: Survival Ascended - ServerAPI (Crossplay Supported)
ServerAPI is a free and open-source piece of software aimed at providing an interface for developers to create plugins to extend and enhance the Ark Survival Evolved | Ark Survival Ascended | Ark 2 server software.

Currently, this project is run and supported by GameServersHub

GameServersHub promises to keep this project 100% free and open-source. GameServersHub intends to keep the project maintained and supported for future updates to Ark Survival Evolved | Ark Survival Ascended | Ark 2.

What is GameServersHub?:​

  • GameServersHub is an online community that is your one-stop shop for everything gaming-related! Are you a player wanting tutorials or guides on how to run gaming servers efficiently? Are you a customer wanting to purchase gaming resources to improve your gaming communities? Are you a developer looking to freelance, sell, or upload free resources for the public? Are you an advertiser looking for a targeted audience to market your products to? GameServersHub is designed to offer you everything you need, which means everything that would allow you to operate efficiently. GSH works exclusively with some of the best in the industry, and we work directly with many game studios to bring the best content possible to our audiences.

What is "ServerAPI" and how does it work?:​

  • ServerAPI is the official framework that allows user-generated content to be created as "Video Game Server Plugins" for the popular video games "Ark 2, Ark: Survival Evolved, Ark: Survival Ascended, Atlas: MMO" our framework is 100% OPEN SOURCE and FREE for the public to use. Our framework has been supported and praised by fellow Wildcard Studios and Nitrado. The ServerAPI framework has over 71,000,000+ active views with 400,000+ active installations, and it's widely accepted by the vast majority of the server owners and admin communities that rely heavily on the framework to operate their gaming servers efficiently!

Is this framework safe and secure?:​

  • All of the code is public for you to view, but the API framework is generally safe and secure. The question becomes how safe and secure can game server plugins be, and that generally falls under the developer producing the plugins, but rest assured, game server resources are heavily moderated on the GSH website, and any valid reports of plugins being malicious are removed, banned and de-platformed entirely from our API framework.

Social Media Links:​

You can reach our support email over at [email protected]

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ServerAPI Installation Steps:​

  • Download the resource by clicking the "Download" button.
  • Unzip the contents of the ".ZIP" file into "ARK\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64"
  • You must launch "AsaApiLoader.exe" next. The loader must be launched as if it was the ArkAscendedServer.exe (with the same parameters). Once launched the api will start and server will be launched too.

Plugin Installation Steps:​

  • Find a plugin you want to download inside the website's "Resources" section.
  • Unzip the contents of the ".ZIP" file into "ARK\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\ArkApi\Plugins"
  • You may now edit the ".JSON" files located inside the plugin folder you just installed, or you may now start the server.


  • The API generates two types of logs, regular and crash logs, these logs are located in the denoted locations respectively.
    • \ARK\ShooterGame\Win64\logs\ArkApi.log
    • \ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\Logs
You may join our Discord server if you have any questions/feedback or want general support regarding ServerAPI.


  • This is a community project aimed at extending the official server executable that is distributed with the game. Studio Wildcard retains all ownership over the original server files, game copyrights, etc.
  • Unless specified otherwise, the Server API is distributed under the MIT license, which can be found here


Will ServerAPI have Linux support?​

  • Yes we are aiming for ServerAPI to have both "Windows, Linux, Crossplay" platform support. Unlike with Ark: Survival Evolved the future games should include support for all platforms entirely.

Does ServerAPI support crossplay platforms like "Xbox/PSN" and more?​

  • Yes! Crossplay is fully supported by the ServerAPI framework. You can now run server plugins directly on Xbox / Playstation and other consoles.

Latest updates

  1. 1.16 Changelog

    The message displayed when the cache is not found has been modified to clearly indicate that it...
  2. Fixed the issues with new ASA update.

    New ASA update broke some things this hotfix resolves that.
  3. 1.13

    - Fixed a crash when hot-reloading plugins with .ArkApi file - Added cache downloading: If...

Latest reviews

Always super thankful to everyone who contributes to this helping the ARK community broaden with amazing content.
Hello, thank you for your reply and the new API. As a new person who has used it for a long time, I hope I can also make some cool plug-ins for people who need to use, but I have not found ARK API development documents and tutorials for a long time, webmaster can provide some relevant help and information for new developers? Such as development kits, development processes, etc., if possible, thank you very much!
[API][critical] Failed to get the offset of FString.FString(wchar_t*).
When I use version 1.13, the following message appears, what is the reason and how to solve it, thank you!
This is resolved in the latest update.
a very Stable Plugin .. i use this and Plugins since ASE and it run perfect.. thank you for the work
I would like to see an option to change the priority from normal to high through the AsaApiLoader.exe
It worked for one day and now after an ark update the server will not load with the server api enabled using AsaApiLoader.exe but soon as I swap back to ArkAscendedServer.exe the server works again without the API :/ anyone know whats causing the issue? thank you
Outstanding framework for ASA plugin support. A program (AsaApiLoader.exe) running a program (ArkAscendedServer.exe) takes a little getting used to, but it gets the job done. All plugins I tried work perfectly.
Love the look and feel. Can't wait to see more. RCON integration and config editor is a nice touch as well.
godly, these guys put out such great products. I love them all. i thank them for all the work they put into the ark community making it better. they really are all great people.
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