Ark: Survival Ascended - ServerAPI (Crossplay Supported)

Official Ark: Survival Ascended - ServerAPI (Crossplay Supported) 1.16

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  • The message displayed when the cache is not found has been modified to clearly indicate that it is not yet available or ready for use. This change in messaging will help users better understand the status of the cache and avoid any potential confusion or frustration.
  • We have introduced a new HTTP request method that developers can use. This method will enable developers to perform specific actions within their applications and enhance their overall functionality.
  • In the configuration file (config.json) for the API, a new key-value pair "SuppressHttpErrors": false has been added. This setting determines whether errors occurring during HTTP requests will be logged to the console or not. If you set this value to true, any errors that occur during HTTP requests will be suppressed and not logged to the console. However, it is recommended that you use this option only if you have sufficient knowledge or if a developer advises you to do so.
New ASA update broke some things this hotfix resolves that.
- Fixed a crash when hot-reloading plugins with .ArkApi file
- Added cache downloading: If enabled, this will download the cache files from the configured URL (default: Enabled,
- Added a message to diagnose missing functions after an ark update, this is useful to report issues to developers.
  • Fixed an startup crash
  • Updated bundled permissions
  • Fixed an issue that made the api utils mod not work.

End-user changelog​

  • Added a new messaging system that allows plugin developers to improve the notification, server messages and chat messages as they wish.
  • Added config to allow deleting old log files (check Win64/config.json)
  • Added a new opt-in messaging style by using the newly created companion mod, crossplay compatible ( )
To use the new optional messaging system, install the mod and change config value to "DefaultMessaging": "AsaApiUtilsMod"

Win64/config.json config changes
"DefaultMessaging": "Default",
"DeleteOldLogs": {
    "Enable": true,
    "MaxAge": 24

Developers changelog​

  • Following the release of the new messaging system here is a bit of explanation:
Each plugin can choose the messaging manager it wishes to use, and register it using AsaApi::GetApiUtils().SetMessagingManager<MyMessagingManager>()
You can create your own messaging system by creating a new class that inherits from 'MessagingManager'
  • Added new extension methods, if you want to add new ones you must declare the structs and its functions in ExtensionsDeclaration.h, and it's inline definition in ExtensionsDefinition.h
We've moved util methods from the ingame structs to the extension classes, so you can check how to do it in the source. Also added some more that are nice to have, like player_controller->GetEOSId() will return EOS id of the controller without having to pass over api utils.
  • Added headers to include functions to work with the new notifications mod created for ArkApi. Anyone can create a custom mod using the functions and structs provided, it's not locked to a single implementation.
- Fixed an issue with ServerID resetting on each restart
- Removed some deprecated / unused functions
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Asa Api Loader 0.1.1:
- Fixed server not found error when not having working dir = server dir
- Added better error handling for different issues during load

Asa Api 1.01:
- Updated a small issue to accomodate for AsaApiLoader 0.1.1
- Fixed some cases where Player Controllers cache had null controller
- Updated config.json
- Fixed FindProperty function to check for null properties
- Fixed chat messages in consoles (needs per-plugin recompile)
- Updated bundled Permissions to 1.01
- Fixed broadcasting trough RCON, you can now use it as usual


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