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    GameServersHub is excited to announce we are now officially partnered with Discord itself. We invite everyone to join the new discord server; the link is below!

    We will shut down the old legacy API discord when Ark 2 is released. Make sure you join the new discord using the link below!

    Join now: discord.gg/gsh

Account upgrades

Supporter Upgrade

$ 9.99 One-time payment
A supporter is the base upgrade for GameServersHub, granting you access to a variety of great features.
Access to GameServersHub dark style theme
Ability to change website username
Ability to sell resources
Unlock a colored blue name and banner
A unique website title under username
Ability to upload a profile cover photo
Ability to use the chatbox
Ability to have a total of 2 signature images

Master Supporter Upgrade

$ 29.99 One-time payment
A master supporter is the highest tier permanent upgrade available on GameServersHub, aimed at daily users, granting you access to some robust features to help grow your community.
Instantly unlock supporter features
Ability to lock/open your threads
Unlock the ability to have unlimited signature images
Different colors that you can use in the chatbox
Ability to set up automated conversation replies
Ability to delete your threads
Ability to see who's viewing a thread
Unlock the ability to have conversation prefixes
Unlock real-time conversations (no page refreshes needed)
Unlock the ability to bookmark threads
Ability to change the site's theme to any color through your preferences
Ability to upload animated avatars
Ability to bypass the site's VPN blocker
Disable 'Last Read' date in Private Messages

Legend Supporter

$ 49.99 per 30 days
Includes all of Supporter and Master Supporters features, plus:
Instantly unlock supporter and master supporter features
Unlock a prefix title 'L' prefix in the chatbox
Access to the past seven days of chat history
Unlock the ability to use 2-letter usernames
Unlock the ability to change username every 14 days
Unlock the power to auto bump a thread every 24 hours
Unlock the option to upload cover photos for forum threads and resources
Unlock an increased upload size for large profile cover photos
Unlock the option to disable reactions on the original post of your threads
Unlock the option to disable sidebar banners in the preferences
Unlock the ability to give a total of 5 user reputations per day
Unlock the opportunity to use any of the donator colored names
Unlock the ability to use additional BBCodes for thread formatting
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