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Account upgrades

Adventurer Upgrade

$ 7.99 One-time payment
An adventurer is the base upgrade for GameServersHub, granting you access to a variety of great features.
Blue Badge of Honor
Stand out in the crowd with a unique blue name color, setting you apart as a dedicated gamer.
Night Mode Access
Enjoy a more immersive gaming experience with our sleek, eye-friendly dark theme.
Resource Power-Up
Expand your gaming arsenal by uploading resources up to 150MB.
Image Carousel
Showcase your gaming highlights with the ability to upload up to 5 images to the resource image carousel.
Priority Bumping
Keep your threads and resources relevant and visible with the ability to bump them every 22 hours.
Fast-Track Submissions
Your resource submissions take priority, ensuring they reach the community faster.
Identity Flexibility
Keep things fresh by changing your username every 30 days.
Custom Title Creation
Personalize your profile with a custom user title that reflects your gaming persona.
Profile Cover Image
Add a personal touch to your profile by uploading a cover image that reflects your gaming style.
Signature Enhancements
Make your mark with up to 5 links and 2 images in your signature.
Avatar Customization
Set a unique per-thread avatar to reflect your mood or game preference.
Content Control
Manage your content by deleting your own forum posts and profile posts by others on your profile.
Ad-Free Experience
Enjoy an immersive, distraction-free gaming experience by removing most banner ads.
Discord Perks
Enhance your Discord interactions by embedding links and using external emoji in our server.

Mastermind Upgrade

$ 14.99 One-time payment
A mastermind is the highest tier permanent upgrade available on GameServersHub, aimed at daily users, granting you access to some robust features to help grow your community.
Golden Identity
Stand out with a gold name color, a mark of a true gaming professional.
Personalized Site Accent
Tailor your browsing experience by changing the site's accent color through preferences.
VPN Freedom
Enjoy unrestricted access by bypassing the VPN blocker.
Enhanced Resource Upload
Amplify your gaming potential by uploading resources up to 200MB.
Expanded Image Carousel
Showcase your best gaming moments with the ability to upload up to 10 images to the resource image carousel.
Priority Bumping
Keep your threads and resources at the forefront every 20 hours.
Thread Control
Manage your discussions effectively by locking and unlocking your own threads.
Real-Time Viewer Insights
Stay informed by seeing who is currently viewing a thread.
Content Management
Maintain a clean profile by deleting your own threads and profile posts across all profiles.
Animated Avatars
Bring your profile to life with animated .gif avatars.
Inactive Username Claim
Request inactive usernames through tickets to secure your preferred online identity.
Conversation Auto-Responder
Ensure timely responses with an auto-responder for conversations.
Conversation Prefix Access
Organize your chats with access to conversation prefixes.
Unlimited Signature Images
Personalize your signature with unlimited images.
Signature Media and Lists
Make your mark with embedded media and lists in your signature.
Discord File Attachment
Share game files easily with the ability to attach files in our Discord server.

Verified Supporter

$ 7.99 per 30 days
Teal Triumph
Stand out with a unique teal name color, a symbol of your elite status in the gaming community.
Discord Image Posting
Express yourself more vividly by posting images in Discord.
Rest API Access
Harness the power and flexibility of our Rest API for a seamless gaming experience.
Colorful Usernames
Enjoy access to all $5 username colors, giving you the freedom to express your personality.
Vanity URLs
Get 5 custom vanity URLs for your content, enhancing your online presence.
Exclusive Emojis
Communicate with style using our exclusive emojis.
Image Carousel Expansion
Showcase your gaming prowess by uploading up to 15 images to the resource image carousel.
Frequent Bumping
Keep your threads and resources prominent by bumping them every 18 hours.
Autobump Feature
Automate the prominence of 1 thread and 1 resource every 24 hours.
Username Flexibility
Rebrand yourself every 14 days by changing your username.
2-Character Usernames
Access to concise, catchy 2-character usernames.
Cover Images
Enhance your threads and resources with striking cover images.
Reaction Control
Maintain your thread aesthetics by disabling reactions from being given and displayed on your threads.
Feedback Giving
Influence the community by giving up to 5 feedback per day.
Viewer Insights
Stay updated by seeing all users who have viewed a thread.
Additional BBCodes
Enhance your posts with additional BBCodes for richer formatting.
Discord Video Calling
Connect more personally with video while voice calling in our Discord server.
Discord Stickers
Add a dash of fun to your chats with external stickers in our Discord server.
Exclusive Discord Channels
Enjoy private discussions and voice chats in our exclusive Discord channels.
Ability to sell resources
Resource sellers can generate thousands of dollars monthly by selling directly on the GameServersHub marketplace. This ability is great if you are looking to make a serious income from selling resources.
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