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GameServersHub wants to thank everyone who is considering donating; by donating, you're allowing our community to grow together and provide custom content that everyone can use and take advantage of the benefits given. GameServersHub aims to be the number #1 source when it comes to anything gaming administrated-related. You're allowing us to pursue this dream and bring it all together into a reality by donating.

Donation Goals:
  • The server listing system will be interrogated directly into the main website this will allow you to advertise and promote your gaming servers via a server game tracker site.
  • Discord server listing will allow us to include discord servers and discord bots that you can track similar to the game tracker feature.
Donation Benefits:
  • You automatically unlock an exclusive forums rank called "Supporter."
  • You automatically unlock a colorful name on the forums.
  • You automatically unlock the ability to use "style covers" on any forums.
  • You help allow the website to grow and add new features by assisting the funding in development.
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