Ark: Survival Ascended - ServerAPI (Crossplay Supported)

Official Ark: Survival Ascended - ServerAPI (Crossplay Supported) 1.15

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Hello, thank you for your reply and the new API. As a new person who has used it for a long time, I hope I can also make some cool plug-ins for people who need to use, but I have not found ARK API development documents and tutorials for a long time, webmaster can provide some relevant help and information for new developers? Such as development kits, development processes, etc., if possible, thank you very much!
[API][critical] Failed to get the offset of FString.FString(wchar_t*).
When I use version 1.13, the following message appears, what is the reason and how to solve it, thank you!
This is resolved in the latest update.
a very Stable Plugin .. i use this and Plugins since ASE and it run perfect.. thank you for the work
I would like to see an option to change the priority from normal to high through the AsaApiLoader.exe
It worked for one day and now after an ark update the server will not load with the server api enabled using AsaApiLoader.exe but soon as I swap back to ArkAscendedServer.exe the server works again without the API :/ anyone know whats causing the issue? thank you
Outstanding framework for ASA plugin support. A program (AsaApiLoader.exe) running a program (ArkAscendedServer.exe) takes a little getting used to, but it gets the job done. All plugins I tried work perfectly.
Love the look and feel. Can't wait to see more. RCON integration and config editor is a nice touch as well.
godly, these guys put out such great products. I love them all. i thank them for all the work they put into the ark community making it better. they really are all great people.
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can't wait :)
I love this ......................................................................................................
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