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Unverified Discord Chat ServerAPI Plugin 1.8.8

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When a resource is labeled as "unverified," it means that the developer has not yet completed the necessary steps to become a verified resource. However, this tag should not be interpreted as a sign that the resource is dangerous or insecure. Rather, it serves as a reminder that the developer still needs to meet specific requirements to attain verified status. On the other hand, verified resources are those that come from developers who have already met these requirements. These resources can be considered trustworthy and reliable, as they are created by developers who actively engage with the community and consistently provide high-quality content. By using verified resources, users can ensure that they are accessing safe and secure content that has been thoroughly vetted.

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To obtain the verified tag, you must first meet the specific requirements mentioned in the link below. Once you have confirmed that you meet the requirements, the next step is to join our Discord Server. After joining the server, you must create an API support ticket and apply for the verified tag.

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- Fix config coma error
- added unicode support for different langauges

  • Centralize database (Sqlite) for temporary chat
  • Cluster server should be same machine required*
  • Colors Implemented
  • Clears every N time (clear database for unsent messages every N time) can be enable/disable
  • ChatFilters for discord tagging e.g: @everyone
New added config

"Crosschat": {
"Enable": true, /* Enable crosschat /
"ClearInterval": 10, /
Every 10seconds /
"ClearMessages": true, /
Enable ClearMessaging /
"ShowMapname": true,
"ShowTribeName": true,
"ShowSteamName": true,
"ShowIcons": true,
"ShowPlatform": true,
"MapnameColor": "0.3,0.3,0.3,1",
"SenderNameColor": "0.5,1,0.5,1",
"TribeNameColor": "0.5,1,0.5,1",
"SteamNameColor": "0.5,1,0.5,1",
"MessageColor": "0.4,0.3,0.1,1",
"Database": "C:\ASACrossChat.db", /
Path to your database /
"CurrentServer": "TI", /
current server (this need to be the same caps as Servers /
"Servers": "SE,SVR1,SVR2,EVENT" /
List of servers (don't include current server) if you only have two servers can be written like this "Servers": "SE"*/
"DiscordMsgFilters": [

- Build with new version of api


- Dont include current map or it will cause crash/lag
- use if the server is on the same network as the other map
- crosschat
- bug fixes
- fix tribe chat visibility in global
- fix emoticons
- added msg colors
- fix cache error (minor)
- discord chat can now disable steamname, tribe and platform
- Discord chat visibility on discord
- Player platform cache
- icon issues fixed
- discord mention fixed
- Fix: Console player not showing chat
- Issue: 2 icons showing on console
- swap steamname to playername message format
- allow user to enable/disable Platform icon
- allow user to enable/disable Icons
- allow user to show/hide steamname
- allow user to show/hide tribename
- allow user to show/hide platform text
- permission integration both icon and colors (if the player is listed on colors /icons this will not work)
- admin icon showing when player is not an admin
- spectator mode crashing fixed
- added AdminEnable config
- added custom icon for admin
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