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Unverified Discord Chat ServerAPI Plugin 1.8.8

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Discord Chat ServerAPI Plugin


ARK:SA In-game chat to Discord and Crossplay RCON support no thirdparty apps needed


  • ServerAPI Download/Install
  • Ofcourse the ARK:SA Server
  • Bot Creation
  • Discord Channel Integration WebHook


  • Able to send local chat on discord
  • Able to set prefix eg: [Discord]
  • Combination of WebHook and Discord Bot
    • WebHook (Sending Messages with Username and Separated per User)
    • Discord Bot (Fetching all messages in specific channel)
  • Fetch Interval can be change
  • Logging (Global, Tribe, Local, Ally)
  • Tribe chat color (Default green)
  • Direct Messaging /dm <name> <message> also can set the color
  • VIP Tribes messaging can relay to their own Discord server / channel
  • VIP players can set their own color
  • RCON chat is supported for those who crashing on normal RCON chat RCON cmd can be set on config.json
  • Plugin reloads both Console and RCON
    • DiscordChat.Reload
  • Custom Chat Icons
  • Platform Chat Icons [Generic, Steam, XBOX, PS]
  • Permissions
  • Show/Hide Steamname
  • Show/Hide Tribename
  • Show/Hide Platform text
  • Show/Hide Platform Icons
  • Enable/Disable Icons
  • Enable/Disable Admin Color/Icon
  • Discord messages emoticons and color
  • Cross server chat

Future updates​

  • Discord Linker support (able to use discord user nickname and avatar when sending messages)

Select ICONS​



Both RCON and Console command:


  • Console Log (No Message received) Doesn't affect anything - Still waiting for ServerAPI update

Blank Config​

  "General": {
    "SendLocal": false,
    "WebHook": "",
    "BotImage": "",
    "FetchMessages": true,
    "BotToken": "",
    "ChannelId": "",
    "DiscordSenderPrefix": "[Discord]",
    "FetchInterval": 5,
    "LogChat": false,
    "LogTribe": false,
    "LogLocal": false,
    "LogAlly": false,
    "UsingDiscordLinker": true,
    "MapName": "[TI]",
    "MessageChatColor": "0,1,1,1",
    "MessageLocalChatColor": "1,0.5,1,1",
    "MessageAllyChatColor": "0.5,0.5,1,1",
    "MessageTribeChatColor": "1,1,0.5,1",
    "MessageDiscordColor": "0.4,0.3,0.1,1",
    "MapnameColor": "0.3,0.3,0.3,1",
    "DiscordColor": "0.5,1,0.5,1",
    "TribeChatColor": "0,1,0,1",
    "DMChatColor": "0.84,0.52,0,1",
    "AdminEnable": true,
    "AdminColor": "1,0,0,1",
    "AdminIcon": "/Game/PrimalEarth/UI/Textures/ServerAdminChat_Icon.ServerAdminChat_Icon",
    "DiscordIcon": "/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Consumables/Icons/SpoiledMeat_Icon.SpoiledMeat_Icon",
    "ShowMapname": true,
    "ShowSteamname": true,
    "ShowTribename": true,
    "ShowPlatform": true,
    "ShowIcons": true,
    "ShowPlatformIcon": true
  "Crosschat": {
    "Enable": true,
    "ClearInterval": 10,
    "ClearMessages": true,
    "ShowMapname": true,
    "ShowTribeName": true,
    "ShowSteamName": true,
    "ShowIcons": true,
    "ShowPlatform": true,
    "MapnameColor": "0.3,0.3,0.3,1",
    "SenderNameColor": "0.5,1,0.5,1",
    "TribeNameColor": "0.5,1,0.5,1",
    "SteamNameColor": "0.5,1,0.5,1",
    "MessageColor": "0.4,0.3,0.1,1",
    "Database": "C:\\ASACrossChat.db",
    "CurrentServer": "TI",
    "Servers": "SE,Event"
  "DiscordMsgFilters": [
  "GroupColors": {},
  "Tribes": {},
  "Colors": {},
  "GroupIcons": {},
  "Icons": {},
  "Messages": {
    "DMCmd": "/dm",
    "RconCmd": "DiscordChat",
    "DMerror": "Dirrect message error: Invalid Playername or Message"

Config Commented​

  "General": {
    "SendLocal": true, /* send local chats on discord global chat channel */
    "WebHook": "", /* Global chat messaging ingame to discord */
    "BotImage": "", /* Bot avatar */
    "FetchMessages": true, /* enabling fetch message */
    "BotToken": "", /* bot to fetch/send message on discord to game */
    "ChannelId": "", /* channel to recieve global chat ingame */
    "DiscordSenderPrefix": "[Discord]", /* Sender prefix */
    "FetchInterval": 5, /* chat fetch interval */
    "LogChat": false, /* this logs global chat on server api console */
    "LogTribe": false, /* this logs tribe chat on server api console */
    "LogLocal": false, /* this logs local chat on server api console */
    "LogAlly": false, /* this logs ally chat on server api console */
    "UsingDiscordLinker": true, /* automatically gets the player info if the user chat on discord */
    "MapName": "[TI]", /* map name for cluster */
    "MessageChatColor": "0,1,1,1", /* Message global color */
    "MessageLocalChatColor": "1,0.5,1,1", /* Message local color */
    "MessageAllyChatColor": "0.5,0.5,1,1", /* Message ally color */
    "MessageTribeChatColor": "1,1,0.5,1", /* Message tribe color */
    "MessageDiscordColor": "0.4,0.3,0.1,1", /* Message discord color */
    "MapnameColor": "0.3,0.3,0.3,1", /* Mapname color */
    "DiscordColor": "0.5,1,0.5,1", /* Prefix and name color */
    "TribeChatColor": "0,1,0,1", /* default green */
    "DMChatColor": "0.84,0.52,0,1", /* default orange */
    "AdminEnable": true, /* Enables Admin color and icon */
    "AdminColor": "1,0,0,1", /* default red */
    "AdminIcon": "/Game/PrimalEarth/UI/Textures/ServerAdminChat_Icon.ServerAdminChat_Icon", /* default icon */
    "DiscordChatIcon": "/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Consumables/Icons/SpoiledMeat_Icon.SpoiledMeat_Icon",
    "ShowMapname": true, /* Show mapname */
    "ShowSteamname": true, /* Show steamname */
    "ShowTribename": true, /* Show tribename */
    "ShowPlatform": true, /* Enables Platform eg: [Steam] */
    "ShowIcons": true, /* Enables Icons */
    "ShowPlatformIcon": true /* Enable Platform icons */
  "Crosschat": {
    "Enable": true, /* Enable crosschat */
    "ClearInterval": 10, /* Every 10seconds */
    "ClearMessages": true, /* Enable ClearMessaging */
    "ShowMapname": true,
    "ShowTribeName": true,
    "ShowSteamName": true,
    "ShowIcons": true,
    "ShowPlatform": true,
    "MapnameColor": "0.3,0.3,0.3,1",
    "SenderNameColor": "0.5,1,0.5,1",
    "TribeNameColor": "0.5,1,0.5,1",
    "SteamNameColor": "0.5,1,0.5,1",
    "MessageColor": "0.4,0.3,0.1,1",
    "Database": "C:\\ASACrossChat.db", /* Path to your database */
    "CurrentServer": "TI", /* current server (this need to be the same caps as Servers */
    "Servers": "SE,SVR1,SVR2,EVENT" /* List of servers (don't include current server) if you only have two servers can be written like this "Servers": "SE"*/
  "DiscordMsgFilters": [ /* Filter tag or specific messages (it won't send to discord if found) */
  "GroupColors": {
    "Registered": "1,0,1,1" /* Permission groups */
  "Tribes": {
      "WebHook": "", /* webhoook url for sending messages to specific channel */
      "BotImage": "", /* Tribe Bot avatar */
      "FetchMessages": true, /* enable fetch messages */
      "BotToken": "", /* if the VIP Tribe does their own bot and discord for fetching messages */
      "ChannelId": "", /* VIP Tribe own discord channel id */
      "DiscordSenderPrefix": "[Discord] " /* prefix before playername */
    "VIP TRIBENAME 1": {
      "WebHook": "",
      "FetchMessages": true,
      "BotToken": "",
      "ChannelId": "",
      "DiscordSenderPrefix": "[Discord] "
    "VIP TRIBENAME 2": {
      "WebHook": "",
      "FetchMessages": true,
      "BotToken": "",
      "ChannelId": "",
      "DiscordSenderPrefix": "[Discord] "
  "Colors": {
    "VIP Playername": "1,0,1,1", /* Red, Green, Blue, Alpha = opacity */
    "VIP Playername 1": "1,1,0,1",
    "VIP Playername 2": "1,1,1,1"
  "GroupIcons": { /* Permission groups Icons */
    "Registered": "/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Consumables/Icons/SpoiledMeat_Icon.SpoiledMeat_Icon"
  "Icons": {
    "ICON Player 1": "/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Artifacts/Icons/Implant_Icon.Implant_Icon",
    "ICON Player 2": "/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Artifacts/Icons/Implant_Icon_Gamma.Implant_Icon_Gamma",
    "ICON Player 3": "/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Artifacts/Icons/Implant_Icon_Beta.Implant_Icon_Beta",
    "ICON Player 4": "/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Artifacts/Icons/Implant_Icon_Alpha.Implant_Icon_Alpha"
  "Messages": {
    "DMCmd": "/dm", /* Direct message /dm playername */
    "RconCmd": "DiscordChat", /* this can be support different third party apps that uses rcon to send messages */
    "DMerror": "Dirrect message error: Invalid Playername or Message"

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Source code​

As soon as I am comfortable with my coding I will release it to the public :)

bare minimum source

  • ss_ally_chat.png
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  • ss_global_chat.png
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  • ss_local_chat.png
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  • ss_sample_dm.png
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  • ss_sample_dm2.png
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  • ss_tribe_chat.png
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  • ss_icons.png
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  • ss_emoticons.png
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  • ss_msg_color.png
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Latest updates

  1. v1.8.8

    - Fix config coma error - added unicode support for different langauges
  2. v1.8.7

    Centralize database (Sqlite) for temporary chat Cluster server should be same machine required*...
  3. 1.8.6

    Changelogs: - Build with new version of api CROSSCHAT NOTES - Dont include current map or it...

Latest reviews

Hope there is a video tutorial.

I really want to use this plugin, but I don't know how to set it up.
Excellent plugins as always. works perfect. the ability to customize it is really easy to do and does not cause any issues as long as you know the formatting. 10/10
Cool plugin but no Unicode there (using v1.85 at review moment).
Hope it wouldn't be abandoned as most of plugins or modes.
Best wishes to author!
FANTASTIC!! This Dev is amazing. Chat works very well. Had issues with other plugins where xbox users couldnt see messages from discord. This one works 100%. Keep up the great work!!!
Fantastic. Takes the chat and improves it ten-fold. I can NOT go back to native chat after having this. Just really hoping for a toggle for the current 'always on' steam name/ID.
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