DBD NEXUS - Your all-in-one solution for Discord bot management

Free DBD NEXUS - Your all-in-one solution for Discord bot management 1.3.0

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DBD NEXUS - Your all-in-one solution for Discord bot management

DBD Nexus
DBD Nexus is your comprehensive solution for centralized bot and plugin management. Streamline your operations with our intuitive UI, allowing seamless configuration and control from a singular dashboard. Say goodbye to cumbersome config files and embrace efficiency with DBD Nexus.

💎 Core Features
Modular → Enhance your bot's capabilities by seamlessly integrating additional modules.
Configuration → Effortlessly customize and manage all modules through our user-friendly interface.
Token-based → Unlock desired modules easily through our convenient in-app token system, ensuring access to the required features.

🔮How it Works
No license is required to access the platform. Upon downloading the app, simply log in with your Discord account to seamlessly link it. Once logged in, you gain immediate access to the platform. From there, you can effortlessly activate modules and purchase tokens to unlock additional features.

🚀 Get Started!
Follow the step-by-step tutorial to get started HERE

Important Links
- DBD Nexus
- Daemon Download
- Tutorials

Latest updates

  1. UPDATE 1.3.0

    Added Free Linker module. Moved linking database fields from the general configuration section...
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