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🎲 ARK FUN BOT (Win/Mac/Linux/Node.js)

Verified 🎲 ARK FUN BOT (Win/Mac/Linux/Node.js) 3.0.8

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🎲 ARK FUN BOT (Win/Mac/Linux/Node.js)
An advanced discord bot that integrates the ArkShop Plugin with discord, It provides many minigames and ways to edit points and kits from all linked players!
How to purchase:
To purchase this bot go to the following webstore HERE. After purchase, the delivery will be automatically processed.

  • Hangman​
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors​
  • Jackpot​
  • Roll a Dice.​


Join my discord server and make a ticket to activate your bot!

Latest updates

  1. MAJOR UPDATE (v3.0.8)

    + Rewritten the bot with the latest frameworks. + Added documentation. + Read docs for all new...

    + Updated authentication system, make sure to use @DBD Licenses Bot#1436 now!
  3. MINOR UPDATE (V2.6.3)

    + Added authentication support for Pterodactyl and Docker containers.

Latest reviews

Not only does the bot provide cool mini-games for your users, it also provides some great admin tools. Great bot!
❤️ The bot will get also a big overhaul like my other bots. stay tuned for many more features!
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