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Verified 💾 ARK AUTO WIPER 1.0.5

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ARK auto wiper is an advanced but simple-to-set-up Discord bot that makes your server wipes 100% automated!

How to purchase:
To purchase this bot go to the following webstore HERE. After purchase, the delivery will be automatically processed.

  • 100% automates the server wipe process.
  • Start map votes for the next wipe automatically.
  • Dynamically update server details on a wipe. (ex: server title)
  • Deletes a selection of files and folders on a wipe. (ex: cluster & server files)
  • Controller to stop, start, restart, and update all servers.
  • Clears multiple data from the databases.
  • Sends wipe announcements.
  • Set up wipe reminders.
  • More to come!

This advanced server wipe system covers 100% of the wipe cycles on all your servers. The real power of this tool is that it's running separately from the server, this makes managing server files much easier when the server is offline. with this tool, you don't need batch files or other crap to get your server(s) wiped. This tool also uses cron intervals to determine the exact wipe dates and times.



Get Support:
Join my Discord server to get the latest updates and info!
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Latest updates

  1. UPDATE (V1.0.5)

    + Added server data wipe step.
  2. MINOR UPDATE (V1.0.3)

    + Updated authentication system, make sure to use @DBD Licenses Bot#1436 now! + Added database...
  3. MINOR RELEASE (V1.0.1)

    + Fixed reminder to enable config option from not working. + Fixed reminders getting sent to the...
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