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Plugin Structure Utilities PRO 1.05

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- Change the health of any structure
- Change the inventory slot count of most structure
- Limit the total overall structure count by map or by cluster
- Limit structure count of any structure by map (cluster support coming at a later date)
- Charge points or tokens to place any structure
- Unlock Oil Pumps on map
- Water tanks autofill with water
- Limit the number of linked structures
- Cleanup beaver dams with optional punishment
- more to come!

All these settings are configurable by permissions. For Structure Limits, the plugin uses the current Owner of the tribe permission values.

Limit the number of connected structures:

Increase inventory slot counts:

Structure limits display and penalty for leaving wood in the beaver dam: :LOL:

Linked structure notifications for when you are nearing the limit:

    "StructureUtilities": {
        "AccountID": "",  // your account id goes here
        "PermissionRefreshIntervalMinutes": 15,        // how often to update permissions
        "GroupPermission": {
                "Priority": 99,                         
                "LinkedStructureCheckEnabled": true,   // enables linked structure check
                "LinkedStructureCheckDisplayAfterPercent": 0.75, // the  percentage of the MaxLimit that we start notifying the player they are reaching the limit
                "LinkedStructureCheckMaxLimit": 1500,  // how many linked structures the player can create  (too many linked structures creates lag)

                "InventorySlotCountEnabled": true,  // enables changing the inventory slot count
                        "Blueprint": "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Structures/Misc/PrimalItemStructure_Forge.PrimalItemStructure_Forge'",
                        "Count": 150
                "StructureHealthEnabled": true,   // enables changing the structure health, a health value of 0 will mean the player cannot place the structure at all
                        "Blueprint": "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Structures/Stone/PrimalItemStructure_StoneFloor.PrimalItemStructure_StoneFloor'",
                        "Health": 3000
                        "Blueprint": "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Structures/Stone/PrimalItemStructure_StoneWall.PrimalItemStructure_StoneWall'",
                        "Health": 5000
                "StructureLimitingEnabled": true,   // enables structure limits
                "StructureLimitingMaxLimit": 10000,  // the max number of structures allowed
                "EnableClusterCount": true, // enables overall cluster counting instead of individual map counting  (right now only StructureLimitingMaxLimit is supported)
                "StructureLimitingLimits": [
                    {   // this example limits to 10 stone foundations
                        "Blueprint": "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Structures/Stone/PrimalItemStructure_StoneFloor.PrimalItemStructure_StoneFloor'",
                        "Name": "Stone Foundation",
                        "Limit": 10,
                        "Price": 0,
                        "UseTokens": false,
                        "TokenName": "TokenName"
                    {    // this example limits to 200 s+ stone foundations, but will require 1 FoundationToken to place
                        "Blueprint": "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/StructuresPlusMod/Structures/Foundations/Square/Stone/BP_Foundation_Stone.BP_Foundation_Stone'",
                        "Name": "S+ Stone Foundation",
                        "Limit": 200,
                        "Price": 1,
                        "UseTokens": true,
                        "TokenName": "FoundationToken"
                        // this example limits to 200 stone ceilings, but will require 100 shop points to place
                        "Blueprint": "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Structures/Stone/PrimalItemStructure_StoneCeiling.PrimalItemStructure_StoneCeiling'",
                        "Name": "Stone Ceiling",
                        "Limit": 200,
                        "Price": 100,
                        "UseTokens": false,
                        "TokenName": "TokenName"
                        // this example does NOT limit metal walls, but will require 100 shop points to place
                        "Blueprint": "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Structures/Metal/PrimalItemStructure_MetalWall.PrimalItemStructure_MetalWall'",
                        "Name": "Metal Wall",
                        "Limit": 0,
                        "Price": 100,
                        "UseTokens": false,
                        "TokenName": "TokenName"

                "BeaverDamsAutoCleanUpPenaltyEnabled": true,      // enables a penalty if beaver damn cleanup is enabled
                "BeaverDamsAutoCleanUpPenaltyUseTokens": false,
                "BeaverDamsAutoCleanUpPenaltyPoints": 100,
                "BeaverDamsAutoCleanUpPenaltyTokenName": "Token"             
        // auto fill water tanks on you map
        "AutoFillWaterTanks": {
            "Enabled": true,
            "UpdateWaterTanksEveryXSeconds": 120,
            "WaterTankBluePrints": [
        // manipulate the inventory slot counts on your map
        "InventorySlotCount": {
            "Enabled": true

        // enable the linked structure check on your map
        "LinkedStructureCheck": {
            "Enabled": true
        // manipulate the structure health on your map
        "StructureHealth": {
            "Enabled": true
        // cleanup beaver dams after players take what they want
        "BeaverDams": {
            "AutoCleanUp": true,
            "AutoCleanUpAfterXSeconds": 5
        // unlock oil pumps on your map
            "Unlock": true,
            "UnlockPinCoded": true,
            "UpdateOilRigsEveryXSeconds": 60
        // limit the structures ony our map
            "Enabled": true,
            "UpdateCountsEveryXSeconds": 30,
            "ChatCommand": "/limits"
                "Default": {
                    "Priority": 99,                 

                    "CommandCooldown": "You cannot use this command so quickly, try again in a moment",
                    "ItemPurchased": "Item purchased for {} {}",
                    "InvalidName": "That name is not valid",
                    "NoPermission": "You do not have permission to use this command",
                    "NoPoints": "You do not have enough points ({} needed)",
                    "NotEnabled": "This feature is not enabled on the server",
                    "NotEnoughTokens": "You don't have enought tokens to use this command",
                    "BeaverDamsPenalty": "You were penalized {} {} for leaving wood in the beaver dam",
                    "MaxLinkedStructures": "Your maximum linked structure count is: {}",
                    "StructureMaxLimitTribe": "Unable to join tribe, too many overall structures combined.",
                    "StructureMaxLimitTribe2": "Unable to join tribe, too many {} structures combined.",
                    "StructureMaxLimitOverall": "You have reach the overall structure limit for this map.",
                    "StructureMaxLimitSpecific": "You cannot place any more of this structure, you have reached the limit",
                    "LinkedStructureMaxLimit": "You cannot place more than {} linked structures",
                    "LinkedStructureStatus": "You have {} linked structures out of {}",
                    "ShowLimits1": "Your OVERALL structure limit is: {}/{}",
                    "ShowLimits2": "{}. Your limit for {} structures is: {}/{}",
                    "SenderNameInChat": "SERVER",
                    "Points": "Points",
                    "Tokens": "Tokens"
        "Mysql": {
            "UseMysql": true,
            "MysqlHost": "localhost",
            "MysqlUser": "",
            "MysqlPass": "",
            "MysqlDB": "structureutilities"

Config reload command: StructureUtilities.reload

If you enjoy my plugins, please leave a rating!

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