Siro - Tebex/Buycraft Theme [ 4 COLOR STYLES ]

Paid Siro - Tebex/Buycraft Theme [ 4 COLOR STYLES ] 1.1.3

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What's New?

Fixed Copy IP issue
Added Winter Addon
Fixed Login Page
Added new JSON options
Redesigned Top Customer & Recent Payments module
Changed Featured Packages
Added new navigation system
Mobile Responsive
Fixed some old issues


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What is new?

Updated README file
Added compatible with FiveM, Unturned, Garry's Mod and ARK games
Added New options
Added Animations
Fixed bugs
New Login Page
New Cart Panel
Added Checkout option to Add/Remove items
New Packages Style
Mobile Responsive
Added Translation Options
Added Icons
Fixed login page image bug
Added new settings options ( Json ), now easier to customize
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