Item Collector PRO

Plugin Item Collector PRO 2.02

What's new in version 2.02:
  • Fixed stack bug with Organic Poly collector when converting to regular polymer ("ConvertOrganic": true)
  • Fixed a few miscellaneous assignment errors with a few distributor/collector structures
  • Changed name to Item Collector PRO to avoid confusion with FREE version (Folder and DLL name will still remain the same)
What's new in version 2.01:
  • Added 2 new Collectors
  • /collectoil collects oil from squids and basilosaurus etc..
  • /collectpoly collects organic polymer from achatinas and converts it to regular polymer
  • The Cementing Paste collector (/collectpaste) will now collect cementing paste from achatina inventory too
  • Added Description field
config file has changed
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