Game Manager Cloud [ARK Manager]

Unverified Game Manager Cloud [ARK Manager] 1.2.0-EA

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When a resource is labeled as "unverified," it means that the developer has not yet completed the necessary steps to become a verified resource. However, this tag should not be interpreted as a sign that the resource is dangerous or insecure. Rather, it serves as a reminder that the developer still needs to meet specific requirements to attain verified status. On the other hand, verified resources are those that come from developers who have already met these requirements. These resources can be considered trustworthy and reliable, as they are created by developers who actively engage with the community and consistently provide high-quality content. By using verified resources, users can ensure that they are accessing safe and secure content that has been thoroughly vetted.

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To obtain the verified tag, you must first meet the specific requirements mentioned in the link below. Once you have confirmed that you meet the requirements, the next step is to join our Discord Server. After joining the server, you must create an API support ticket and apply for the verified tag.

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Game Manager Cloud [ARK Manager]
Game Manager Cloud

The "Game Manager Cloud" is a web application to manage game servers - especially ARK: Ascended servers. You can host servers on your own dedicated machines, while allowing you to manage and organize all servers across different machines in one panel.

GMC Web-Panel: GameManager.Cloud

⚡ How to use the Game Manager Cloud

  • Create an account on GameManager.Cloud
  • Create a Node (Your dedicated machine)
  • Open the "Node" tap and create a new node in the top right
  • Download and install the daemon on your dedicated machine (Link on the web panel or here)
  • Enter the invite token shown on the Web-Panel
  • Create a Game Server under the Servers tab in the top right
  • For questions or problems:

How do I use the ASA Server API?

How to import a server?
  • Set the server location with the path in the node settings
  • Create a new server in GMC that you want to import later
  • Once it is installed, you can move all files from your "old" server to the GMC Server folder. (Don't change the server name)
  • Now click "Update" in the GMC Web-Panel, as soon as this is finished you have successfully imported your server.


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Latest updates

  1. GMC Update 1.2-EA

    CHANGE LOG + force deletion of server is now possible when node offline + added new cluster...
  2. Daemon Patch 0.1.3

    Download the update here...
  3. Daemon Patch 0.1.2

    Download the update here...
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