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Unverified Game Manager Cloud [ARK Manager] 1.2.0-EA

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+ force deletion of server is now possible when node offline
+ added new cluster settings (ClusterDirOverride, notransferfromfiltering) to GMC
+ Added custom scrollbars
• fixed a bug that caused the name of the used Ark Map was not allowed to appear in a start argument
• fixed a bug that caused the user to have to log in twice
• fixed a bug that caused the daemon to await a command to be executed before executing another one
• fixed a bug that caused the daemon to manage the firewall even though it was disabled
• fixed a bug that caused the frontend to endlessly load all servers from the backend
• fixed an error that occurred when deleting a node
• reduced size of packets that were send between components of GMC
• increased daemon max messaging size to 2 MB
• added translation for restarting status
• added translation for successfull node registration
• changed mouse cursor to pointer when hovering over clickable server name
• Changed server icon
• Servers won't start on system boot by default anymore
• Daemon auto update enabled by default
• Daemon automatic firewall management enabled by default
• Daemon auto update enabled by default
• Fixed session expiry after one day
• Server state 'unkown' is now shown as 'node offline'
• Adjusted add server popup width
• Fixed incorrect player count for servers
• Login page layout adjustments
• Server state 'creating' is shown as 'creating/updating'
• GMC adds nodes and servers without reloading.
• fixed some more design bugs
+ = New | • = Fix / Update


+ All ARK Settings
+ ARK Auto Update
+ ASE Support
+ = New | • = Fix / Update


Only if you have not activated Auto Update!
Download the update here:

We have added some missing features in this update. Please note that until this update is installed, the daemon will not be able to connect to our systems. We therefore recommend to update as soon as possible.


  • Auto daemon update
  • Delete nodes
  • Delete servers
  • Multiple server restarts when backend is down
Download the update here:

  • stop restarting on crash 3 times in a row

  • remove session name when empty and remove quotation marks
  • stop sending shutdown message when restart
  • improved logging

Changes in progress
  • Daemon auto update
  • better firewall rule naming
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