Extended RCON

Free Extended RCON 3.4

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Extended RCON
  • Over 60+ additional rcon commands.
  • All commands are self-documenting (send a command to get more info about what the command requires)
  • A full list of commands is included in the release. See CommandList.txt
  • Supports hot-load / hot-unload
  • Built with API 3.54
Some mentionable commands:
  • DestroyActorAll
  • DestroyActorWild
  • DestroyTribeAll
  • DestroyTribeDinos
  • DestroyTribePlayers
  • DestroyTribeStructures
  • GetActor
  • GetActorsPos
  • GetAllActors
  • GetAllActorsBp
  • GetDinoBP
  • GetDinoPos
  • GetOnlineNum
  • GetPlayerName
  • GetPlayerPos
  • GetServerFrames
  • GetTotalTames
  • GetTotalWilds
  • GetTribeIdOfPlayer
  • GetTribeLog
    And much more...
  1. Install ARK: Server API
  2. Copy the "ExtendedRcon" folder to "ArkApi/Plugins"
  1. Join -> https://discord.gg/hDP7ghz
  2. Write in the support channel or create a ticket.
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Latest updates

  1. 3.4

    Over 20+ new commands added... (phew) Over 100+ fixes (too long to list here) (Lot's of crash...
  2. 3.3

    New commands added: KickAllPlayers KillAllPlayers ListAllStructures ListAllPlayerSteamId...
  3. 3.3

    New commands added: KickAllPlayers KillAllPlayers ListAllStructures ListAllPlayerSteamId...

Latest reviews

Hello, your plug-in functions are very easy to use. I never know how to use this function. I have entered the ID for "GetTribeIdOfPlayer", but returned "0"
The premiere ARK plugin. This is the first plugin we install on our clusters, and have gotten completely spoiled by the extended set of commands and additional functionality.

Thanks Foppa!
All Unofficial Ark Servers this plugin should be a requirement! This adds a ton of Rcon commands.. Owner of a Cluster.
Perfect addition for admins! It offers tons of commands to help your players without being ingame. Best to use via Battlemetrics or other RCON tools
Excellent really good example on how to extend Rcon
Tempest Dedicated Servers