Extended RCON

Extended RCON 0.1

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Extended RCON
Extended RCON
  • Over 60+ additional Rcon commands.
  • All commands are self-documenting (send a command to get more info about what the command requires)
  • A full list of commands is included in the release. See CommandList.txt
  • Supports hot-load / hot-unload
  • Built with API 1.02
Some mentionable commands:
  • DestroyActorAll
  • DestroyActorWild
  • DestroyTribeAll
  • DestroyTribeDinos
  • DestroyTribePlayers
  • DestroyTribeStructures
  • GetActor
  • GetActorsPos
  • GetAllActors
  • GetAllActorsBp
  • GetDinoBP
  • GetDinoPos
  • GetOnlineNum
  • GetPlayerName
  • GetPlayerPos
  • GetServerFrames
  • GetTotalTames
  • GetTotalWilds
  • GetTribeIdOfPlayer
  • GetTribeLog
    And much more...
  1. Install ASA: Server API
  2. Copy the "ExtendedRcon" folder to "ArkApi/Plugins"
  1. Join -> https://discord.gg/hDP7ghz
  2. Write in the support channel or create a ticket.
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Latest reviews

This RCON plugin never let me down, using it for years for ASE now for ASA.
Recommend to anyone!!!!!
It's great to have Extended RCON back! I relied on the extended commands in ASE and welcome them in ASA. So far, all command work perfectly, as does the built-in help (type the command without arguments). Thanks Foppa!
Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! <3
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