Better Spawn Distribution

Verified Better Spawn Distribution 1.1

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Better Spawn Distribution
This plugin changes the level distribution for dino spawns on all maps to match the higher levels seen on Ragnarok and The Center.
It should work on any map that uses the default spawn distributions.

Island official distribution
Ragnarok official distribution

Latest updates

  1. 1.1

    Fixed command crash since update changes in 33.53 Fixed where it would affect cave dinos incorrectly
  2. 1.0

    Completely overhauled and rebuilt logic to match ASA Configuration option added for more...

Latest reviews

This seems to not be working properly now? is there any info on this, great plugin but doesn't seem to work now?
Great plugin. Finally, more high-level dinosaurs are spawning. The command to read the spawned dinosaurs is also great.
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