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Verified đź§® PLAYERCOUNTER BOT (100+ GAMES) 7.2.0

The Verified tag represents a level of trust and authenticity for users who have successfully gone through our verification process. It signifies that a user's resources have been thoroughly reviewed and have met our platform's high standards for quality and reliability.
+ Added ASA server support.
+ Added 'rconPort' server option for ASA servers only.
+ Added 'rconPass' server option for ASA servers only.
- Most placeholders do not work for ASA until the protocol has been fixed. more info on this asap.
+ Added {title} placeholder for counter panels.
+ Fixed offline servers from disappearing from the counters.
+ Rewritten the bot from scratch in the newest frameworks.
+ Optimized code and functions.
+ Improved timedCommands module.
+ Updated PlayerCounter Documentation.
+ Fixed rate limits when using multiple counter bots.
+ Updated authentication system, make sure to use @DBD Licenses Bot#1436 now!
Initial release, more info in support discord https://discord.gg/5xEwm8e6Vy
+ Updated discord framework.
+ Fixed multiple errors.
+ Added refreshIntervalSec option to prevent rate limits.
+ Fixed counter panels from not sending.
+ Added many improvements and code optimizations.
+ Added web panel to change config settings.
- Removed Battlemetrics API support. (only trough Rcon for now)
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