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It was brought to my attention that I had left in some testing code and it was breaking slash commands for bot, I have removed the code.

just need to replace the src folder found in your bot folder with the src folder from this update.
Added a slash command to get information about a player such as player name, character name, player ID, EosID, and more. Added config option to disable the use of player list.

eplace the src folder and the node_modules folder with the new ones, then go into your config and copy in the 2 new setting to your config. there are only 2 of them. One seting goes into "ControlBot": and is "Player_List": true the other is for each server "Saves_Path": "C:\\VGS_Server_Files\\ARK_Survival_Ascended\\TEST_Server\\ShooterGame\\Saved\\SavedArks\\TheIsland_WP"the player_List is true or false to enable or disable the use of the player_list slash command.the Saves_Path is the path to the servers save files so you can get information about a player.
Added new / slash command for server info. This requires config setting change. In config set "Battle_Metrics_Token": to your battlemetrics token or set it to "" empty quotes. empty quotes will disable the function. If you want a token you can get a free token from make sure to set the "Battle_Metrics_ServerID": for your servers in the config as well, if your using this function. see example config for details.
This command can be used by anyone to get server information/status.
Mod update detection fixes, Change logs for mod posted in bots mod update post. minor fixes to server getting stuck in a small restart loop.
Fixed rcon not accepting shop and permissions API plugin commands.
Changed how chat from discord is displayed in game easier to read and new config options for it.
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complete rework to handle clusters and provide cross ark chat.
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Fixed daily restart being off by 1 hour
Improved code and functionality, rcon built in to bot and monitoring of server built into bot.
Fixed restart command not restarting server
12/30/23 Bot crash fixes for get chat and player count display
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