VGS ASA Server Control Bot

Free VGS ASA Server Control Bot 2.6

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VGS ASA Server Control Bot
The only server control you need right here! Click on the Demo button Above to see showcase video of what this bot can do. In the video description you will find links for 2 versions of the bot. A free version and a link to my shop for the Deluxe version. I explain the differences between the free and Deluxe versions in this video. Also in the video description is a link to an installation video for the bot.

This package can handle multiple bots for controlling multiple Ark Ascended Dedicated Servers.

Some functionality is not compatible with Nitrado, these functions can be turned off in settings so Nitrado servers can get the use of the following features.

1. Number of players connected to server vs total server slots displayed to discord.

2. Send RCON commands from discord to your server.

3. Discord members can run a command to get a list of players who are connected to the server.

4. Chat from in game posted to a discord channel.

5. Chat from discord to players in game.

6. Cross ark chat allowing players from one server to communicate to another server in your cluster.

If not a Nitrado server you can have full functionality witch means you get use of all the above features
and the following features.

7. Slash command to get information about a specific player such as Character Name, PlayerID, EosID,
and more

8. Buttons to start, shutdown, restart, trigger 15minute warnings in game to restart or shutdown,
cancel the restarts that are triggered with warnings, or destroy all wild dinos on the map.

9. Mod updates posted to discord that triggers 15 minute warnings in game that will restart the
server for mod updating.

10. Daily restarts with 15 minute warnings in game.

11. Auto starts server back up if it goes offline due to crash.

Latest updates

  1. removed code used for testing

    It was brought to my attention that I had left in some testing code and it was breaking slash...
  2. New slash command to get player information

    Added a slash command to get information about a player such as player name, character name...
  3. Added new slash command

    Added new / slash command for server info. This requires config setting change. In config set...

Latest reviews

Wow this is amazing does everything you need it to do and its free!! what more could you ask for. you 100% need this!
I have been using this bot since it was available to the public and it has come so far! This is by far the most stable and best bot for ASA i have found. The developer fixes issues quickly and the bot works with the Plugin and standard ASA.

A must have for any server host!
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