Uaca's Ark Server Manager

Verified Uaca's Ark Server Manager Version v3.01

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Uaca's Ark Server Manager
Current supported features:

- Start
- Stop with countdown for players.
- Restart with auto update
- Force Stop
- Auto start in case of crash.
- Auto backup with warning for players
- Force backup
- Restore backup
- Configure all options of [ServerSettings] of GameUserSettings
- Execute commands at regular intervals or specific times using CRON expressions
- Manages Mods
- RCON client
- RCON scheduler
- Tribe Log Integration

Maps Dashboard:


Server Config Options:



Right now, there is no installer, just download the files and unzip.

- WebView2 Runtime needs to be pre-installed.

Download it here or here

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Latest updates

  1. Version v3.01

    - Added TheCenter map name
  2. Version 3

    Version 3. It now requires to run as administrator Added option to auto install ARK API Added...
  3. Version 2.2

    - Fix for wrong server info on card. - Finally made a installer. woot! ⚠Make a backup before...

Latest reviews

The number of players and RAM on all server cards are the same................................................
Does not support any maps other than The Island which I think is a shortfall as you should also be able to host SE and custom maps
When you import ScorchedEarth Than 5 STARS :D The Manager is extremly nice to use and user friendly and can you say a date when comming ASA ScorchedEarth?
A perfect tool,

Is it possible to increase the display of online players?............................................
Quick setup, supports API, all basic functions from the start. Frequently updated, rarely broken. . . .
It lacks an option to load configuration from an existing server, because it forces you to configure everything step by step if you want to have several servers with the same configuration but a different map, for example, or import servers. otherwise perfect
if you already have a server, just add the folder on the UASM and it will read the config on the first time
Fantastic, Best manager for ASA, most of the settings its there, great work !!! Special if you use ark api !!!!
Why isnt info everywhere. I spent days trying get my plugins and mods to work. And this did it so simply
Excellent server manager, it is better optimized than the others I have tried. Excelente server manager, está mejor optimizado que los demás que he probado.
Makes your gaming more easy with usefull functions also has an friendly user interface you must try this plugin.
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