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Uaca's Ark Server Manager

Unverified Uaca's Ark Server Manager Version 1.15

No permission to download
When you upload resources onto our platform, they initially receive an "Unverified" tag. This tag simply means that the resource has not yet undergone our comprehensive verification process. It doesn't necessarily imply that the resource is unreliable or inaccurate; rather, it's a call to action for you, the user, to take the necessary steps towards verification.
New fix to backups, now it is fixed! I'm super duper sure!
Fixed not keeping backups as intended
Add log config options
Added Spanish translation thanks to RaspuTVᵒᶠᶠⁱᶜⁱᵃˡ
Fixed missing = in port on the command line
- Added preview of the command line
- Added support for ARK API loader on command line
- Added a few options for command line
Fixed bug where some translations were not showing as intended
Added russian translation thanks to Эдуард
Fixed a bug where settings were not properly saved
  • Added version to the main window for easy reference.
  • Map names are now properly saved.
  • Game port information is now written to the configuration and automatically added to the command line, eliminating the need for manual entry.
  • Fixed update not finishing; the issue has been addressed.
  • Reworked shutdown process to support auto-restart and auto-update functionalities.
  • Introduced new settings for customizable shutdown messages.
Fixed wrong encoding for GameUserSettings file
Fix for wrong values with XPMultiplier
Added open server folder button
Added ServerPassword field
Will now ignore wrong values imported from GameUserSettings
While I strive to achieve the highest quality of work as required by gameservershub, sometimes unforeseen issues may arise.

In this version of UASM, ownership of the ServerSettings in the GameUserSettings.ini is transferred.

This implies that all configurations must be set in UASM. Before initiating your server, ensure that all configurations are correct.

It is strongly advised to make a backup of your GameUserSettings.ini before starting the server.


  • Fixed a bug where "Force Stop" would stop the wrong server.
  • Added all GameUserSettings.ini configurations.
  • Introduced a network configuration panel.
  • Modified the way Steam updates are handled to provide a clearer log.
  • Implemented a file log feature.
  • Added translation for Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) courtesy of VitoWu.
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