Uaca's Ark Server Manager

Verified Uaca's Ark Server Manager Version 2.2

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- Fix for wrong server info on card.
- Finally made a installer. woot!

⚠Make a backup before updating!
- Fix for missing webhook messages in spanish
- Changed the settings cog location to prevent long server names pushing the cog off screeen
  • Changed the layout for the server card
  • Added option to reorder server card
  • Added batch operations to servers
  • Command line now shows server name
  • Removed the need to send backup world messages
  • Added options to show custom messages on server shutdown
  • Added option to use server chat or broadcast command on messages
  • Replaced add server with simpler UI
  • Servers will start minimized in the taskbar
  • Added Server Port, RCON Port, Number of Players, Server RAM to server card
  • Added cluster panel to server config

⚠️Heed my warning ⚠️

This version has breaking changes, is mandatory to re apply the config for the cluster or it will be overwritten on server start. Importing the GUS.INI will also work.

Fixed missing messages for discord webhook integration<br />
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Added Svartalfheim to map list
Backup fix for mod maps that have custom save game folder
RCON client is finally done!
- Added Japanese thanks to ktm
- Added German translation thanks to Vulvarine | мıʟκα ™ ®
- Fix for not importing GUS.INI
Added French translation thanks to Bauboy
Added support for mods
Added option to load from GUS.INI
Fix for server not restarting after shutdown
-Added RCON Scheduler
- Fix for Spanish translation
- Added a 10 seconds delay between restart to allow ARK to finish writing games files
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