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Unverified uStuck 2.0

No permission to download
When you upload resources onto our platform, they initially receive an "Unverified" tag. This tag simply means that the resource has not yet undergone our comprehensive verification process. It doesn't necessarily imply that the resource is unreliable or inaccurate; rather, it's a call to action for you, the user, to take the necessary steps towards verification.
/pos -> prints current position on the chat
/tp -> teleport to default position
/tp {position name}-> teleport to position name

"notificationScale": 1.5,
"notificationDisplayTime": 5.0,
"fightCooldown": 60, // how long to wai before the player can use teleport after taking damage from any soruce
"teleportTime": 30, // count down for the teleport
"sender": "JBR",
"teleport": "/tp", // teleport command
"location": "/pos", //show coordinates on mapa
"requireStayInTheBubble": true, // if true, player have to stay near the start point of the teleport
"bubbleSize": 900, // maximum distance the player can get before canceling the teleport
"bubbleVisualSize" : 5.3, // visual size of the bubble, ajust to mach the bubbleSize
"allowRidingDino": false, // allow teleport with ridding creatures
"allowFastTeleport": true, // if true, player can activate the teleport twice an bypass the count down
"teleportArkShopPoints" : 0, // how much arkshop points to charge for the teleport
"fastTeleportArkShopPoints" : 100, // how much arkshop points to charge for the fast teleport
"positions": [
"name": "default", // defaul position for teleport
"position": [ -304380, 170679, 23569 ]
"name": "blue", // another position for teleport
"position": [ -304380, 170679, 23569 ]
"messages": {
"mounted": "Can't teleport while mounted.",
"teleporting": "Teleport in {} seconds",
"fightCooldown": "It is not possible to use teleport while in combat. Wait {} seconds before teleporting.",
"stayInTheBubble": "Stay in the BUBBLE!",
"noPoints": "<RichColor Color=\"1, 0, 0, 1\">Not enough points</>",
"spent": "<RichColor Color=\"0, 1, 0, 1\">Spent {} points to teleport</>",
"notFound": "<RichColor Color=\"1, 0, 0, 1\">Teleport location not found</>"

"coordinate": { "x": -426208.281, "y" : -415235.781, "z" : -13722.187 } // blue ob on rag
"coordinate": { "x": -255769.109, "y" : 237737.828, "z" : -10954.264 } // red ob on island
"coordinate": { "x": 146253.156, "y" : 242588.828, "z" : -14264.693 } // red ob on crystal
"coordinate": { "x": -89454.242, "y" : 171037.641, "z" : -16286.466 } // red ob on schorched
"coordinate": { "x": 247012.234, "y" : 194752.594, "z" : -8898.146 } // blue ob on the center
"coordinate": { "x": -161660.406, "y" : 5722.051, "z" : -21629.160 } // green ob on the extinction
"coordinate": { "x": -267861.656, "y" : 216248.719, "z" : -43.365 } // red ob on the valguero
"coordinate": { "x": -262226.188, "y" : -44623.867, "z" : 52889.969 } // portal on aberration

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  1. 2.0

    Version 2.0 is a completely new. Checkout the overview to know more

Latest reviews

Ei, você fortalecendo a comunidade mais uma vez, um Plugin melhor que o outro sempre, você nunca deixa a desejar!
Acho isso bastante útil em mapas onde não tenho fixo.
Recomendo demais. Sempre revolucionando os plugins Uaca! Booa
Good plugin, very nicely used in the Joga Brasil server. Thank you 😀.

Num ambiente de mapa aberto, vc poder se teleportar para outro local, e no mínimo, maravilhoso, dou meus parabéns ao Uaca que criou isso e disponibilizou.
É uma configuração maravilhosa, no deserto é muita das vezes o que me salva de perder todo o meu progresso quando jogo sozinha.
Recomendo muito.
locomoção otima, bem suave, sem travamentos, não muitos, muito bom no começo do jogo quando fica preso em algum lugar
It helps a lot with moving around the map at the beginning of the game and also saves you when you get stuck somewhere.

Ajuda bastante na locomoção pelo mapa no inicio do jogo e também te salva nas horas que fica preso em algum lugar.
Muito bom complemento! É muito útil, especialmente quando há mais de 10 pessoas conectadas.

Muy buen complemento! es de mucha ayuda sobre todo cuando hay mas de 10 personas conectadas.

Very good complement! It is very helpful, especially when there are more than 10 people connected.
A really good helper. Once players understand what to do, they will never get stuck in spawn again. Easy to configure, easy to use.
I find this quite useful on maps I don't have a base and I just go there to farm or tame a dino. Perfect for PVE servers, but still works on PVP due to the cooldown after fights
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