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Turret Manager FREE

Verified Turret Manager FREE 1.11

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- Fixed crash when using /fill
no config file changes
- Fixed crash introduced in last version
- Fixed the vanilla issue that causes server lag/desync when building really big turret walls.
no config changes
Updated search algorithm, that should help with detecting turrets when server is run in another language
no config changes
Fixed an issue with /fill not working properly all the time.
no changes to config.
  • Added PlayerJoinServerCooldownInSeconds to config, this will prevent players from using the commands right when they join the server and possibly bypassing other pvp cooldowns
  • Fixed ammo counts that were not refreshing after using /fill
  • Removed 2nd (shorter) duplicate CommandCooldown in Messages section of config
  • Fixed commandcooldown not working in game
  • Added range bubble to be displayed on command usage in game
  • Using "/fill" while riding a dino will pull ammo from both player and dino inventories
config file has changed
What's new in version 1.05:
- Fixed issue with tek turrets firing at invalid targets when DisableAutoReloadTurretsFromAmmoBoxes: true
- fixed range bubble location issue
no config changes
free lite version released
  • Fixed /turrets range low command
  • Added programming to balance turrets when you /fill them
  • Added messages for each /turrets command
config file has changed
Reposting to fix corrupt dll in last release.
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