Tebex Redeemer Ascended

Verified (Paid) Tebex Redeemer Ascended Version 1.6.6


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Version 1.6.6

Changes for the BOT
- None

Changes for Plugin
- Fixed Server Crash on failing to connect to license server.

no config changes

Version 1.6.5

Changes for the BOT
- Fixed bug marking completed purchases as invalid.

Changes for Plugin
- Fixed Slow frame detected message

no config changes

Version 1.6.3

Changes for the BOT
- Fixed a bug allowing declined purchases to be redeemed.

No Plugin changes
Version 1.6

Changes for the BOT
  • Properly fixed multiple packages being delivered
  • Will now log the commands x amount of times in redeemer_data (depending on how many of the packages was purchased)
  • Redeem message no longer requires tbx- in front, meaning you can use any id (when manually adding a payment for example) (good for testing)
No Plugin changes
Version 1.5

- Fixed console players crashing when redeeming packages.
- Fixed bot delivering only 1 package when customer bought multiple at the same time.
- Added Config reload command: Tbx.Reload (Will automatically try to re-authenticate when ran)
- Plugin will now automatically remove any spaces found in the tbx-id message

- Upgraded Licensing system, Ask in a support ticket on discord for your new license. (Old Versions will still authenticate, though if you want to update you need to get a new key)
Version 1.4
  • Fixed a bot error that resulted in purchases within 1 day would not be delivered.
Updated plugin to the new headers for the crossplay fix.
Version 1.2
  • Added ability to spawn dinos with customizable attributes.
  • Introducing the command: Tbx.SpawnDino <EOSID> <Blueprint> <Level> <Tamed> <Neutered> <Gender>.
    • <EOSID>: The identifier for the player (EOSID). (MUST be set to {EOSID})
    • <Blueprint>: Blueprint path for the dino to be spawned.
    • <Level>: Selectable level for the spawned dino.
    • <Tamed>: Option to specify whether the dino should be tamed or not.
    • <Neutered>: Option to specify whether the dino should be neutered or not.
    • <Gender>: Selectable gender for the spawned dino.
-1 for random
0 for female
1 for male
Updated to accept EOSID commands.

can now run permissions and other commands requiring EOSID
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