Tebex Redeemer Ascended

Verified (Paid) Tebex Redeemer Ascended Version 1.6.6


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Tebex Redeemer Ascended

Tebex Redeemer Ascended 🌟

Support and License Activation: https://discord.gg/cykEKWhuQJ
Download and TBX ORDER ID in a ticket for fastest support!


The Tebex Redeemer Ascended is a robust in-game plugin designed to revolutionize your server's donation process. It offers unparalleled flexibility with a range of configurable features to cater to your specific needs.

Key Features 🚀

  • Real-time Monitoring:
    • The plugin continuously scans the chat for the /redeem tbx-orderid command, ensuring swift processing of player donation deliveries.

  • Webhook Integration:
    • All redemption requests are seamlessly sent to a Discord webhook.

  • Automated Delivery:
    • The accompanying bot checks for purchases in the webhook and automatically delivers the corresponding packages to customers.

  • Configurable Redemptions:
    • Multiple Times: Allow products to be redeemed multiple times or restrict to a single redemption (configurable).
    • Time-Limited Redemptions: Set a configurable window for redemptions, allowing purchases to be redeemed only within a specified number of days.
    • Date-Locked Redemptions: Configure redemptions to be available only after a certain date.

  • Multi-Server Support:
    • Effortlessly manage redemptions across multiple servers.

  • Dino-Spawn Command:
    • Use our custom command to spawn dinos in your packages

  • Notifications:
    • Receive notifications upon successful deliveries.
    • Get detailed notifications for failed deliveries, explaining the underlying issues.

Benefits 🌐

  • Efficiency: Instantly respond to player requests, enhancing user satisfaction.
  • Automation: Reduce manual intervention by automating the delivery process through Discord webhooks.
  • Flexibility: Tailor redemptions to your server's needs with configurable options.
  • User-friendly: Simplify the redemption process for players with the straightforward /redeem tbx-orderid command.

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Video of it in action in game: Video

Transform your server's purchase and redemption experience with the Tebex Redeemer Ascended – making transactions smoother than ever! 💳✨

One license for unlimited servers in a same single physical server.
License Activation:
Installation / Support:

Latest updates

  1. Version 1.6.6

    Changelog: Version 1.6.6 Changes for the BOT - None Changes for Plugin - Fixed Server Crash...
  2. Version 1.6.5

    Changelog: Version 1.6.5 Changes for the BOT - Fixed bug marking completed purchases as...
  3. Version 1.6.3 - Important BugFix

    Changelog: Version 1.6.3 Changes for the BOT - Fixed a bug allowing declined purchases to be...

Latest reviews

Huge respect for the developer's assistance! Despite initial false flags, they were top-notch in providing accurate info and smooth setup support. Quick responses and great support made all the difference.
Worked like a charm got our server up and monetizing even crossplay supported. Support is top notch join the discord and get support fast!
Easy to setup, responsive support (discord), and an amazing API for server owners who use Tebex. 5/5 thanks!
we're happy that you are pleased with the product!
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