Dino Colour Command

Free Dino Colour Command 2.4

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  • Compiled with latest API: 3.54 (If you are using an api before this version remove DinoColourCommand.dll.ArkApi from your update)
  • (NEW) Added ArkShop Integration (Optional)
  • (NEW) Added function to neuter the dino after use (Optional)
  • More Integration improvement for permissions/token/arkshop logic (Fail preventions and more)

    Note: Config update (Not mandatory, but see new config unless you want to have errors in your server console)
    Second Note: When using permissions please note that the permission needs to be used and not the permission group.
  • Fixed when the plugin checks for permissions and arkshop
  • Fixed Token Bank integration and rework logic to only withdraw on success colouring instead of each use. (2.1 introduce a bug that it would withdraw every time)
  • Fixed typo that broke the possibility to enable token bank and permission integrations.
  • Added some more messages (hardcoded) when using token bank to get confirmation on withdrawing tokens
  • Updated to Support API 3.5x
  • Added custom commands option for /sdc and /cdc
  • Improved the detection of the Token Bank when using very many plugins together
  • Fixed error message when using /cdc
  • Fixed missing "Token bank block" when you don't have enough tokens for the /sdc command
  • Fixed: Crash scenarios when using /sdc
  • New: Now you can use color names from: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Color_IDs For example: /sdc 0 DarkRed (Just do without spaces!)
  • New: Now you can use region names For example: /sdc Body 25
    • Full list:
      Body = 0
      Face = 1
      Side = 2
      Legs = 3
      Top = 4
      Under = 5
  • New: Token bank Integration Preparation (Optional!)
  • New: Customizable Permission Name
  • New: Customizable Message System to fit your language.
  • Added: /dcc.reload - chat reload command
  • Added: cheat dcc.reload - console reload command
  • Added: dcc.reload - rcon reload command

    Note: This update requires config update!!
    Second Note:
    You can still use the old system for example /sdc 0 25 or you can combine it after your liking's for example /sdc 0 Red or /sdc Body 25 or use both new functions /sdc Body Red :) (This also ofc works for the other command /cdc)
  • Added a new command: /cdc (Don't require you to look at the dino, perfect for smaller dinos!)
  • Code clean up
  • Added support for new colors (1-100)
  • Fixed crash with /sdc command
  • Updated for API v3.2.
Updated to Api 3.1 and added latest colours
  • Added permissions support
  • Fixed bug with dino owner check
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