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# Release Notes for Ark Ascended Manager V2.4.5

### New Features
- You can now modify the approved list by updating the `CosmeticWhitelistOverride` option in `GameUserSettings.ini`.
- To disable the Custom Cosmetic system on your server, use `-DisableCustomCosmetics` as a command-line parameter.

### Improvements
- Removed unnecessary prompts after installation.
- Enhanced error handling to prevent crashes and improve user notification.

### Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where the RCON panel did not allow scrolling or viewing more than 3 servers.
- Addressed a problem where unchecking BattleEye did not add the `-nobattleye` command as expected.
- Resolved an issue with server creation and import where the name, admin password, and other settings were not being set correctly.
- Fixed a bug that prevented custom maps and passive mods from loading via launch parameters.
- Corrected an issue where passive mods were not showing after a manager restart.
- Fixed the search button functionality in the configuration section.
- Addressed an UNHANDLED EXCEPTION error related to the Engrams' directory path.

### System Compatibility
- Fixed compatibility issues with Windows Server 2022 when running as Admin.


Please report any additional issues or bugs to the issue tracker or via the in-app report form.
Ark Ascended Manager
Major Release
- Enabled transfer editabled via the manager
- Directory overrides are found in Launch Parameters section
- Cluster settings (upload timer and preventing upload/downloads) are found under Config settings: Rules: Cluster Options (Now automatically at the top)

## Bug Fix
- Adjusted text and placement of launch parameter save button ( was at the bottom but now at the top right)

Features - App Updater​

  • view release notes in AAM
  • Update with a click of a button
  • Easily tell if application is out of date

Major Bug Fix​

  • Resolved an issue where if MOTD was null the application would crash
Feature Update:
Added -passivemod parameter to enhance your mod management capabilities.
Bug Fixes:
Resolved an issue where the server name wouldn't display when clicking on the server card. Thanks for flagging this - keep the reports coming!
Tweaks:Engram Override:
We've implemented an easier method for customizing engrams.Stack Size Overrides: This allows for modification of and items stack size.

Monitoring Improvements:Introduced Auto Crash Detection to keep your server running smoothly round the clock.Your feedback is invaluable for this new feature. If you experience any issues please report them so I can document any issues!To update, simply head to the ⁠beta-release channel or visit the GSH website. If you have any questions or need support, our team is here to help in the ⁠general Also due to the amount of changes I will be adding another video talking about the crash detect, engram overrides and how to add custom engrams (mods..etc) and then the stacking overrides.
Ark Ascended Manager Update - Version 2.3.5

New Features:The initial phase of plugin and mod management is here!
- Now install plugins with one click and auto install them! This also back ups config files and appends new items to your configs! Mods are added directly to you servers.
Bug Fixes:A fix has been implemented for the map not being set in launch parameters.

Join DC for upcoming features and votes for what you would like next!
Issues related to how server names were being set have been resolved.
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