Ark Ascended Manager (AAM)

Verified (Paid) Ark Ascended Manager (AAM) V2.4.5

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Ark Ascended Manager (AAM)
Ark Ascended Manager (AAM) Features


- Light Mode: Easily switch to light mode in settings.
- Dark Mode: Easily switch to dark mode in settings.

Server Management
- Installation & Import: Easily install new servers from Steam or import existing ones.
- Control Operations: Start, stop, update, or sync settings across all servers with simple clicks.
- Server Cards: Easily see server information like server status (online or offline), server out of date or not, ports, name and more.

Configuration & Customization
- Configuration GUI: Modify Game and GUS ini settings through a user-friendly interface.
- Special Launch Parameters: Customize mods, map names, ports, etc., without affecting synced settings.
- GUS Enhancements: Preview in-game MOTD and other GUS improvements.

Scheduling & Automation
- Scheduling Unit: Schedule reboots, shutdowns, and custom RCON commands.
- In-Game Alerts: Players receive notifications about scheduled shutdowns/restarts with reasons and timings.

Plugin Management
- JSON Integration: Directly edit in-game shop settings via the GUI.
- Ease of Use: Delete, wipe, backup, and restore servers with simple commands.

Additional Features
- RCON Panel: Monitor online players and manage player IDs.
- Discord Bot Integration: Stream chat to Discord, view server banners, player counts, and manage servers remotely.

Coming Soon ( Access is available to see these features - just no complete.)
- Mods Integration: Browse and manage CurseForge mods with detailed descriptions and images.
- Plugin Interface: Install, manage, and auto-update plugins with notifications for updates.

- Discord Community: Join for direct support and access to beta versions.
- Discord Link: [](
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Latest reviews

Very good server manager, regular updates, active developer
Some options are still missing but i recommend
promising tool for hosting servers, almost exactly as asm would recommend!
dev is very helpfull too!
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