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Verified đŸ“ˆ STATICS BOT (BIG UPDATE) 2.0.2

The Verified tag represents a level of trust and authenticity for users who have successfully gone through our verification process. It signifies that a user's resources have been thoroughly reviewed and have met our platform's high standards for quality and reliability.
+ Fixed error when using the /leaderboard command.
+ Completely rewritten bot. (The bot has been rewritten from scratch)
+ Multi-database support. (use stats across multiple databases)
+ More customization options.
+ Updated authentication system, make sure to use @DBD Licenses Bot#1436 now!
+ Added multiple distributions and added nodejs files.
+ Added converter for the K/D stat. (use 'KD' as stat instead of 'K/D')
+ Updated discord framework.
+ Fixed multiple errors.
Updated authing system
+ Improved authentication process security.
+ Updated authorizing steps on the first launch.
+ Fixed tribe leaderboards from showing player names.
+ Updated the /stats command, it now properly handles tribe or player stats.
+ Added tribe stats leaderboards option to leaderboards.
+ Fixed multiple errors and bugs.
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