PVP Scheduler

Free PVP Scheduler 1.8

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Fixed a bug where PVPOff Protections were not getting applied if there was no schedule resulting in all protection to default to true
Warning You must use new config or copy the changes to existing ones!
  • Fixed schedules now when pvp is schedueled the protection modes must be set to false in the Days array to allow pvp
  • Added 4 new options to config these are the settings that are applyed when pvp shchedule ends i.e you generally set these opposite to what you have in the pvp Days scheldule:
  • Renamed Config Names in Days array added PVPOn to the end of each protection mode
Fixed Damage to non tamed npcs when Protect players & dinosaurs was on
Fixed explosive damage (c4)
Updated to Api 3.1
Fixed pvp/pve mode it now schedules pvp again
Updated to Ark Server Api 2.5, Untested
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