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In one of the most recent Palworld updates they changed a command line argument used for starting servers and it was breaking the whole system of quereying servers so battlemetrics was not detecting the servers either. Palworld no longer uses EpicApp=PalServer it was replaced with -publiclobby this is what makes your server visible to API's like battlemetrics

Replace the src folder in your bot with the src folder from this bot. Go into your config file for the bot and find "Command_Line": for each of your servers set up in the config. Here you need to remove any '' or "" that you might have around the -ServerName. BAD: -ServerName="VGS Test". GOOD: -ServerName=VGS Test. Next in the same line if you have EpicApp=PalServer it is no longer used since recent updates to Palworld Game, it was replaced with -publiclobby so delete it and put in its place -publiclobby. Example of good "Command_Line": is
"Command_Line": "-port=8211 -queryport=27015 -useperfthreads -NoAsyncLoadingThread -UseMultithreadForDS -log -publiclobby"

for player counts to work you will need a battlemetrics key and the Battlemetrics server ID.
Fixed issue where server was waiting on rcon result for DoExit after shutting server down for daily restart and never bringing it back online.
Fixed server not restarting after server warnings have taken it offline.
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