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Free Enhanced HLNA 1.15

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Thank you!

Love the extra functionality & reward with loot/artifact crates <3

This works in combination with 'some' HLNA mod shops (HLNA Everywhere), all while fixing the common issue with engram points.

My recommended config when using the combined method:
Es muy buen complemento la verdad se puede mejorar si para poder poner cosas mas personalizadas y poder poner el precio que uno quiera
Thre is still problem with double or triple HLNA
When you get hit be some dino a new HLNA come up!!!
You will likely want to disable the "UseHLNASkinActivationMethod" Config Setting if you are experiencing that issue. Others that reported previously having the issue no longer experience it with the alternate HLNA activation method.

With the setting disabled you will have to use the "/HLNA" chat command to spawn/despawn HLNA instead. For more convenience you can enable the "EnableHLNAAutomaticallyOnSpawn" setting to make HLNA automatically activate for players when they spawn like on Genesis maps.
please fix that bug where the player gets multiple HLNAs, sometimes it crashes the game sometimes cant remove the hlna skin from inventory
I have never experienced multiple HLNAs appearing personally, but you can try the latest version just released to see if it fixes the issue for you.

As for not being able to remove the HLNA skin from your inventory- that shouldn't have anything to do with this plugin. Perhaps check your other plugins/mods to see if something is conflicting.
Do you have the HLNAShopList script with full resources?? I don’t know how to modify the content he sells. It’s too complicated for me to understand!!
The latest version now includes a full list of all of the currently available core Ark Trade Options in the "HLNAShopList.txt" file.
This seems to be an awesome plugin, it would be amazing if there were a possibility to make this work with the arkshop points, so player could have a store UI with out mods
This is a superb plugin. Allows the players have the HLNA store ANYWHERE on any map. The only 2 complaints I have are 1. the plugin uses the HLNA shield Skin rather than a UI and 2. when you die the HLNA skin disappears completely were you have to use the command to get it back after EVERY death. Besides those 2 issues I have with it, I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone for those that want HLNA anywhere at any time on any map other than the genesis maps. It is also HIGHLY configurable to add more options to the store from workshop created items as well as HIGHLY configurable for how you and your players get hex points. I also wish there was a way to add any item in the game to the shop but from what I was told, it's sadly not possible without a completely rebuilt plugin. but still I HIGHLY Recommend this plugin.
Make sure you have the "Give Default Survivor Items" option enabled in your default Ark Advanced Settings Menu. That could be why you're not automatically spawning with the HLNA skin if you have the genesis pass.
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