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Free Enhanced HLNA 1.12

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- Improved HLNA's Deep Scan info accuracy for certain creatures with unique taming methods.

- Fixed a bug that could prevent certain multi-menu options from activating correctly for the player.
- Activating a Biome Teleportation Portal from the multi-menu on the Genesis map now costs 1000 Hexagons by default. A new Config Setting named "GenesisMultiTeleportHexagonCost" has been added, which can be modified to adjust the default cost.

- Added a new Chat Command: "/HLNA" which gives the player a new copy of the HLNA skin item they would normally spawn with, in case it gets lost. You can optionally disable the chat command with the new Config Setting named "EnableGiveHLNAChatCommand".

- Added the following new "Vocabulary.txt" terms:
* "ChatCommand_GiveHLNA"
* "Notification_Genesis_MultiTeleport_ErrorNotEnoughToActivate"
* "Notification_ChatCommand_GiveHLNA_ErrorAlreadyHas"
- Unlocking Explorer Notes now additionally grants Hexagons to the player. The amount of Hexagons given can be adjusted with a new Config Setting named "ExplorerNoteGiveHexagonAmount". Setting this to 0 will disable the feature.

- Artifact Crates, Supply Crates, and Supply Drops now grant certain amounts of Hexagons to the first player who accesses them. The amount of Hexagons given can be adjusted with the following new Config Settings: "ArtifactCrateGiveHexagonAmount", "LootCrateGiveHexagonAmount", "SupplyDropGiveHexagonAmount". Setting them to 0 will disable the feature.

- Added a new console command with the following format: "cheat AddPlayerHexagons PlayerID Amount".

- Updated the default "HLNAShopList.txt" file to include all of the current up to date event Trade Options available.
- The "EnableUnicodeTextNotifications" Config setting should now properly apply to custom "Vocabulary.txt" property values.
- A new Config Setting named "EnableUnicodeTextNotifications" has been added. This setting can enable utf-8 characters support for in-game text notifications, which should only be needed if you are running a server with a language that requires them.