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Program Discord ArkShop 2.0

No permission to buy (€24.99)

+ Custom Emojis
+ Ark Shop Support
+ Market system (Market does not send item/dinos. Is purely optical only via Discord.)
+ Epic Server Support
+ Automatic Points with specific roles
+ Works with Commands
+ Custom translation

Is required for linking
So that you can buy something and it can be sent to you, you must be linked to Discord and ARK
+ KCC Support

+ Discord Integrator Support
Discord Integrator
+ Lethal Quest Support

+ Foppa's Extended RCON is required that you can build the shop with items and dinosaurs
Extended Rcon


Discord Slash Commands:


Transfer your points from the ark shop to the bot
Sent your bot points to your ark shop
Trade your bot points with another user
Display your reward shop info
Buy your item from the reward shop here
Claim you reward points
Sell items on the market

One license for unlimited servers in a same single physical server.

Requires a manual activation, in under 24h will be done.

Installation / Support / Buy:
Please, join to my to see all documentation, get support or buy it.
German and English Support


    "token": "",
    "accountId": "",
    "guildId": "",
    "commandChannel": "",
    "linkingSystem": "kalscrosschat", // lethalquests, discordintegrator, kalscrosschat
    "maxWithdrawAmount": 1000,
    "maxDepositAmount": 1000,
    "maxTradeAmount": 1000,
    "settings": {
        "color": "#4287f5"
    "databases": {
        "shopBot": {
            "host": "localhost",
            "user": "root",
            "pass": "",
            "shopDbName": "shopbot"
        "steamLinks": {
            "host": "localhost",
            "user": "root",
            "pass": "",
            "authDbName": "ark1000xchat"
        "arkShop": {
            "host": "localhost",
            "user": "root",
            "pass": "",
            "shopDbName": "shopbot"
    "servers": [
            "name": "Ragnarok",
            "ip": "",
            "port": 13245,
            "password": "",
            "mapId": "Ragnarok"
    "market": {
        "channelId": "",
        "sell": {
            "message": {
                "title": "{user}'s Offer:",
                "description": "{user} created a new offer, click the `Buy` button below!",
                "footer": "Ark Market",
                "color": "#4287f5"
        "buy": {
            "message": {
                "title": "Claimed offer",
                "description": "✅ Successfully claimed the offer, you can contact the seller to complete the trade.",
                "footer": "Ark Market",
                "color": "#4287f5"
    "shop": {
        "channel": "911614084137488414",
        "points": [
                "priority": 0,
                "role": "654758703412543529",
                "autoClaim": true,
                "claimAmount": 5,
                "cooldownMin": 1
                "priority": 1,
                "role": "default",
                "claimAmount": 10,
                "cooldownMin": 5
        "categories": [
                "id": "intro",
                "name": "Rewards Shop",
                "color": "",
                "description": "Below is a list of items that we offer from our Discord shop.",
                "footer": ""
                "id": "dinos",
                "name": "🦖 Dinos",
                "description": "Below are all available dinos listed!",
                "footer": "",
                "color": "#74d44a",
                "items": [
                        "id": "50",
                        "name": "Hide",
                        "description": "**ID:** {id}\n**Amount:** 500\n**Price:** {price}\n**Stats:** Capped\n**Info:** some info about item.",
                        "price": 50,
                        "enabled": true,
                        "allowedRoles": [
                        "commands": [
                            "GiveItemToSteamId {id} Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Resources/PrimalItemResource_Hide.PrimalItemResource_Hide' 500 1 0"
                        "id": "51",
                        "name": "Ankylo",
                        "description": "**ID:** {id}\n**Level:** 250\n**Price:** {price}\n**Stats:** Capped\n**Info:** some info about item.",
                        "price": 51,
                        "enabled": true,
                        "allowedRoles": [],
                        "commands": [
                            "SpawnDinoBP {id} Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Ankylo/Ankylo_Character_BP.Ankylo_Character_BP' 50 1 0 0 0 0"
    "translations": {
        "claimEmbedTitle": "Successfully claimed points",
        "claimEmbedDescription": "{user} has claimed :coin: **{points}** points, you can claim your next points {cooldown}",
        "claimEmbedFooter": "Rewards Shop | Claiming",
        "cooldownMessage": ">>> You can claim your points {cooldown}",
        "itemNotFound": ">>> I could not find the specified package.",
        "notLinked": ">>> It seems you're not linked with ark yet.",
        "notConnected": ">>> It seems like you're not connected, make sure to join a server first.",
        "notAllowed": ">>> You dont have the required role to buy this item.",
        "errorServerNotFound": ">>> I Could not find the server you are on. (Contact an admin to update the config)",
        "errorRconCommand": ">>> There seems to be an error when i try to send the item to you. (contact a admin for help)",
        "buyEmbedTitle": "Successfully Bought Items",
        "buyEmbedDescription": "{user} has bought **{item}**! \n\nYour items should be dilivered in-game now.",
        "buyEmbedFooter": "Successfully Bought Items",
        "notEnoughPoints": ">>> You dont have enough points for this item.\n\n**{item}** costs :coin: **{price} Points** but you have **{points} Points**.",
        "listEmbedTitle": "Rewards Shop | Info",
        "listEmbedDescription": "{user}'s info is shown below:\n\n**Points:** {points}",
        "listEmbedFooter": "Rewards Shop",
        "tradeNotEnoughPoints": "❌ You dont have enough points to trade.",
        "tradeSuccess": "✅ You have successfully traded **{points}** points with {user}.",
        "sellError": "❌ The marked channel ID in the config is invalid. please contact an admin!",
        "sellSuccess": "✅ Successfully created a new offer in {channel}!",
        "depositNotLinked": "❌ You must be linked with ark to use this command.",
        "depositNotEnoughPoints": "❌ You dont have enough points to deposit.",
        "depositSuccess": "✅ You have successfully withdrawn **{points}** points.",
        "withdrawNotLinked": "❌ You must be linked with ark to use this command.",
        "withdrawNotEnoughPoints": "❌ You dont have enough points to withdraw.",
        "withdrawSuccess": "✅ You have successfully withdrawn **{points}** points.",
        "marketCantClaimOwn": "❌ you cant claim your own offers...",
        "marketAlreadySold": "❌ It seems like this offer was already sold.",
        "marketNotEnoughPoints": "❌ It seems like you dont have enough points.",
        "marketClaimEmbedTitle": "{user} claimed your offer!",
        "marketClaimEmbedDescription": "{user} has claimed your offer. Your points have been added!\n\n**Offer:**\n- Item: `{offer}`\n- Amount `${amount}`\n- Price `${price}`\n\nTo complete this trade contact the buyer!",
        "claimCantUse": "⚠️ Your points are claimed automatically, there is no need to use this command."
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