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Discord ArkShop
No permission to buy (€24.99)
Now Support for Linux and Docker ( Files Included )

❗ The prices dont include the Tebex fees

+ Custom Emojis
+ Ark Shop Support
+ Epic Server Support
+ Automatic Points with specific roles
+ Custom translation
+ Included NGoG Spawner for Dinos Spawn in Cryos
+ Categorie Options
+ Cooldown
+ set Limits
+ Admin Commands for Set / Remove / Add
+ Discount in %
+ StackPoints
+ ArkShop Points Infos
+ Queue
+ Merge Function

Required: In order to be able to shop, you must link to Discord and Ark.
a link commands is built into the shop.
This plugin is supported and also free: DiscordLinker
The others like KCC, Lethal Quest and Woolys work too

One license for unlimited servers in a same single physical server.
Automatic via Tebex
Installation / Support / Buy:
Please, join to my https://discord.gg/TB8WN3fbFM to see all documentation, get support or buy it.
German and English Support

Latest updates

  1. Updates

    + added Market Back to the Shop + Config Changes. ( Look Example Config ) + MariaDB Support for...
  2. Updates

    + Fixed /claim command + Added stackPoints + Added support for Pterodactyl and Docker...
  3. Added some new stuff

    Update: onlyArkShop: false, // true use ARk Points - false use Bot Points Please add this line...

Latest reviews

The Best system to have a shop in the game and dont have to install mods.

This Plugin is very versatile and you can configure countless things.

Use this plugin with the market is the best way.

Very good system, it gives you a multitude of possibilities for the server, both in monetization and for new users.
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