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[Resource] Discord ArkShop [Paid] 2.0

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Tobeey1993 submitted a new resource:

Discord ArkShop - Is a Discord Shop for Ark Server


* Custom Emojis
* Has its own currency. Is an additional currency for VIPS or something
* Is also good for no mods server!
* Translation ( Can be changed )
* Claim with whitelist channel

* Works with Commands
* Works with Items
* Works with Dinos

Required: To buy dinosaurs or items!


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Tobeey1993 updated Discord ArkShop with a new update entry:

More Feature!

+ Ark Shop Support
+ Automatic Points with specific roles
+ more translation
+ Market with Image

New Discord Commands:

Transfer your points from the ark shop to the bot
Sent your bot points to your ark shop
Trade your bot points with another user
Display your reward shop info
Buy your item from the reward shop here
Claim you reward points
Sell items on the market

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