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Free Kals CrossChat with Discord & Tribes 4.6

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This is a Cross Ark Chat system with tribe chat and two-way discord.
The discord integration is completely optional and requires a self hosted discord bot.

This plugin & bot communicate through MySql
You will need to set up a Sql server if you do not already have one.

Global Chat
  • Cross Server global chat
  • Custom Tags & Tag Color based on Permission or Tribe
  • Custom Icons based on Permissions or Tribe or Map
  • Custom Chat Colors (Name, TribeName, Message) based on Permission or Tribe
  • Server Name (and optional default icon) in message
  • 2-Way chat with discord
  • /server MAPNAME hey friends to "hide" what map you are on
  • Spam prevention
  • BlockedWord list with automatic chat mute
Tribe Chat
Tribes must invite the bot to their own discords​
Give them the link​

  • Cross Server tribe chat
  • Must be a member of the tribe where the message is sent FROM to receive.
  • You can use /tribe MAPNAME hey friends to send the tribe chat message as if you were on that server.
  • 2-Way Tribe Discord Setup
    • Can only be setup by tribe admin and discord admin
    • Invite the ArkChatBot to your tribes discord
    • In the channel you want TribeChat use the command /linkTribe
    • Copy the command it returns, i.e. /linkTribe aF9h5asrZDc3
    • Have a tribe admin use this command ingame.
  • /unlinkTribe ingame or in tribe discord channel to remove
Tribe Logs
  • Tribe logs to discord via TribeLogRelay
  • Use /linkTribeLogs in discord to set up automatically, no messing with webhooks
Link Discord to Steam
  • /linkDiscord in the server's discord to link Discord to Steam
  • After linked you can use /kickMe in discord
    • This is for people that keep getting the "This player is already connected" bug
Discord Bot
Invite the bot to your servers discord:​​
  • Hosted by server owner
  • Optional Auto create and rename VoiceChannels with server status
  • Shows currently connected total for cluster
  • Create a new discord bot at:
  • Copy bot token into config.json, and set up Mysql info
  • Optional live updated list of players
  • Rcon Commander for admin to send rcon to any or all maps

Console command reloadchat to reload the config and badword list

Some icons can cause crashes, some icons dont show up at all, use in a test server until you find good ones

It is suggested to put discord chat channel into "Slow Mode" and/or adding discord Roles that are allowed to use the channel.
You could also add the ingame /linkTribe command to permission groups


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View attachment 3059 *** Taken at different times
This is plugin free for small clusters, but if your cluster has more than 20 players online chat will start working as normal again
You will need to purchase the full version of the plugin to keep using it for larger servers.

If you would like to upgrade the plugin, send $40 to:
PayPal -

or Crypto
Ethereum - 0xB0400f0F4C2F272209B50e2D62E618b3ff982e6D
Bitcoin - 3AM21nisMdk7c8n9Qcr95pLzTER8vCJpB9

then message me on the ArkServerApi discord with your HWID
It should be printed to the console when you load the plugin. (If you do not see the HWID use Rcon command GetChatHwid)

If you love the plugin and would like to see more features/plugins by me feel free to donate more!

Original Credits go to Tsebring and his open source work here on Github, Though almost all of it has been rewritten since then.
Special thanks to Lethal & Substitute for all their help on the ArkServerApi discord!

For support please respond on this thread or reach out on my support discord

Lastly, this is my first plugin and there WILL be bugs!!!
Please report them as best you can (as many details as possible) and in a respectful way.
I'll deal with bugs ASAP.
Feature requests from people that upgrade the plugin will be prioritized.
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4.79 star(s) 24 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 1 more bot fix

    1 more fix for discord buttons
  2. Version 4.6

    Reposting This now includes a fix for the discord bot msgs stopping
  3. Version 4.6

    Lots of misc fixes that I have been to lazy to release + Fixed PlayerId + Fix debug spamming...

Latest reviews

How to set up SQL. Is there a detailed tutorial for reference? 非常感謝!.......................................
I am so torn on this review. When you can figure it out, this plugin works beautifully. There are a lot of features and it's a lot of fun having ways to give cosmetic rewards to players on the server. However...

The readme file and instructions listed here are very minimal. I generally love the Ark modding community and know how busy these creators can get; I would be happy to make a more in-depth guide or Youtube tutorial (I've done it before) to help shed some clarity on some of the points not listed in the ReadMe, but I was treated so poorly when I joined Kal's Discord to ask some clarifying questions.

First, I've read everything provided here and Googled what I could, but some of my very basic yes/no questions were not answered, so I joined the Discord. I think that in itself is annoying--why do I have to join a Discord and dig through archives of previous user questions, FAQs, and Instructions not left neatly in one place? Why can't this be in the ReadMe or a website? So I asked my question in the appropriate support channel. Kal basically told me that he didn't have time to explain things to me and his little lackey kept making snide remarks like "lol people don't read," "we're too busy for this." I literally read everything. I tried to ask where I could find this information, to which the lackey replied "I guess u have to pay someone to help u lol." Everyone is so busy that they can't provide a link to the channel? Does the info just not exist? After a bunch of searching around the discord, I finally found a previous post by another user that led me to an answer.

I read all these reviews about how Kal is such a nice guy and I cannot believe how rudely I was treated. I was complimentary about the plugin and up front about where I had already searched for information, and that's how I was treated and they had the gal to ask me for money when I couldn't get the free version of this plug-in working. Why answer at all just to be nasty? I would have felt better if I were just ignored or had my post not buried by insults so someone else could help me.

I love this plug-in, but I was so put off by that. I won't be helping out by making a guide or youtube video, but if you have questions and are similarly treated rudely, feel free to message me on here and I'll try to point you in the right direction.
amazing plugin, using it for my 16 server ark cluster! Love it and the great support. The developer is quick to respond if there is ever an update or for feature request.
Awesome Plugin Love it been using it for more than 2 years now he did a fabulous job making this worth it there is always new update / he is responsive
There is a Trojan virus in the archive. This is fine?...........................................................
Best of the best!

Good support, free for small servers, not expensive! Lot of functionality, 100% recommendation
Best Cross Chat system - Kals Support is epic - I highly recommend paying for this plugin to support the authors work.
Top Plugin, TopSupport, Easy Config

Kal is a great guy I can only recommend him we use several of his plugins so far no problems and if something happened you got immediate support. he always tries to help everyone as well as his support/admins

best regards
idk about the easy config part haha
Setup is not easy but once you get it working it does wonders for a cluster! Excellent plugin to keep players engaged on less populated servers of the cluster.
Absolute must-have for any Ark community, big or small. Basic functionality is easy to set up, and it's easy to add more as you need it. Crosschat gives text-only and casual players a chance to communicate out-of-game, even if they are shy of voice comms. Wouldn't run a server without it now.
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