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Auto Fill Crop Plots

Free Auto Fill Crop Plots 1.5

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This prefix applies to any resources that are considered free and not paid.
Fixed a bug where some non crop plot structures were selected for fertilizer transfer (for example Egg Incubator). This is now fixed in version 1.5 (by enforcing only following structures receive fertilizer : Small, medium, large and tek crop plots).
* Crop plots will now get filled completely (previously it was only filling up to 10 fertilizers).
* Added an option to enable/disable searching fertilizers in player inventory.
* Added an option to enable/disable searching fertilizers in nearby dung beetles inventories.
* Removed unused "bit7z" lib reference.
* Source code refactoring.
Latest updates introduced a server crash bug because I didn't test enough after the updates. This is now fixed with version 1.3.
Added possibility to change the chat command by modifying the second line inside the "Config.txt" file.
By default "/fill" is used to trigger the command.
The displayed amount of required fertilizer to completely fill crop plots was incorrect in some cases, this is now fixed.