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Verified Ark: Survival Evolved - ArkShop 3.02

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  • Fixed TotalPointsSpent not being logged
  • Added override for /trade if not wanting to use the UI trade. See new config option ("UseOriginalTradeCommandWithUI": false,)
  • Restructured Discord logging and MapName functions
  • Added MapName to discord logging
  • Fixed soul trap not storing neutered value.
  • Corrected issue with blank kit formating when inserting new players.
  • Prevent buying a kit that the player is not eligible to redeem.
  • Gender fix
  • Database auto update for Kits datatype.
  • Kit command optimization
  • Updated steamid to BIGINT UNSIGNED to make sure it can support Steam/EGS/Stadia id's
  • Added Stryder config options _(see commented.json for example)_
  • Added Gacha config options _(see commented.json for example)_
  • Added options to block shop usage under the General config section
    "PreventUseNoglin": true, //Prevent using buy/kit commands while controlled by a Noglin
    "PreventUseUnconscious": true, //Prevent using buy/kit commands while unconcious
    "PreventUseHandcuffed": true //Prevent using buy/kit commands while hancuffed
    "PreventUseHandcuffed": true, //Prevent using buy/kit commands while hancuffed
    "PreventUseCarried": true //Prevent using buy/kit commands while being carried
  • Added an option for dinos to block them from being given in cryo form (see commented_config stryder entry)
    "PreventCryo": true //true will not give the dino in a cryo if cryo's are enabled //false or setting missing will default to giving normally or in cryo depending your settings
  • MySQL 8.0.27 and lower or MariaDB is required for MySQL support (SSL support from beta was removed).
  • UI Support requires ArkShopUI v1.09 (<>)

Updated ArkShopUI (1.09) will be on my discord as usual
(config changes noted above)
  • Added Sell/Trade UI support (Requires ArkShopUI 1.01+)
  • Added Gender selection (optional config setting - Add the chosen gender to the description if using this)
  • Prevent kit redeemption when inventory is full
  • Added InventoryIsFull message (update your configs)
  • Added logic to prevent a buy lag issue with large purchases ( Thanks @Pelayori )
  • Commented.json was updated
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  • Re-upload with fixed config and additional clarification in the commented.json
    (plugin did not change from the original 3.0 release only the configs)
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  • ArkShopUI support
  • Dino Storage V2 support (see "UseSoulTraps")
  • Added -serverkey=UniqueMapName command line to support running 2 or more of the same map (file logging symlink support)
  • Added some default values when pulling data from the config to prevent crashes if they are missing
  • Added the ability to specify Damage, Armor, Durability on items. Note: values are not guaranteed if using more than 1 at a time or Quality is set too low.
  • Improved timed rewards: It will always pick the highest group amount if possible.
  • Fixed crash scenarios when unloading
  • Fixed abuse when using Noglin
  • Added search feature for shop items
  • New Global option: "GiveDinosInCryopods": true, //provides dinos from the /buy command in cryopods
  • New Global option: "CryoLimitedTime": false //Sets a 60 minute expire time
  • New Global Function: /shopfind
Can search and return matching shop items (usage /shopfind searchterm) searches on the Item Key and Descriptions from the ShopItems list
"ShopFindCmd": "/shopfind",
"ShopFindUsage": "Usage: /shopfind searchterm",
"ShopFindNotFound": "No items matched your search",
"ShopFindTooManyResults": "Too many results to display refine your search term"
  • Added "StackRewards" config. If true player will receive the sum of all the rewards of the groups he's in.
  • Added "CryoItemPath" under "General". Used to change the cryopod to spawn after purchases (Only change if using custom cryopods mod and it uses the same Custom Item Data as vanilla cryopods)
  • Added support for Permissions
  • Added Cryopod functionality
  • New Store Option: "SaddleBlueprint": "",
    Example: SaddleBlueprint":"Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Armor/Saddles/PrimalItemArmor_CarnoSaddle.PrimalItemArmor_CarnoSaddle'",
  • Added support for commands in kits
  • Added Cryopod functionality
  • New: "RefundError":"Points refunded due to an error" //new message if dino fails to spawn which now refunds the points.
  • New Discord shop logging integration v.1.0
Known Issues:
  • DinoStorage2: Soul Traps is not yet supported as they are using a different mapping​
Big Thanks to @Lethal @kalendell @Pelayori @Foppa for the collaboration work of this release!
  • Added {steamid} placeholder for buying commands
  • Fixed selling
  • Added ListInvItems console command to list inventory items blueprints
  • Added more anti-crash checks
  • Fixed mysql not being autoreconnect
  • Fixed sell command
  • Added MySQL support
  • Added unload support
  • Added API function to temporarily disable shop
  • Code improvements
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  • Added ability to buy engrams
  • Added ability to buy commands
  • Added help command
  • Fixed crashes
  • Fixed crash related to auto kits
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