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ARK Statics Bot

Program ARK Statics Bot 1.12.1

+ Fixed tribe leaderboards from showing player names.
+ Updated the /stats command, it now properly handles tribe or player stats.
+ Added tribe stats leaderboards option to leaderboards.
+ Fixed multiple errors and bugs.
+ Added leaderboard formatting options.
+ Added option to set whitelisted channels for commands.
+ Fixed bot errors when you have an invalid syntax in your config option names.
+ Fixed issue when using other stats systems than LethalQuests.
+ Added leaderboard formatting options.
+ Added tribe stats feature.
+ Updated /stats options to keep it easy to use.
+ Added leaderboard stat sorting option. (you can now select on what stat the leaderboard should be sorted on)
+ Updated stat naming. (in the whole config you now HAVE to use the stat names as they are in your database! case sensitive) + Updated and added multiple bot messages in the config.
- Removed customStats option from the config.
+ Added new Transcript system that allows you store chunks of stats for later :)
+ Added /transcript add|delete|display commands.
+ Added option to enable/disable inline fields for stats command.
+ Added option to set amount of fields in leaderboards.
+ Added option to format stats. (1555555 -> 1.6M)
+ Added leaderboard paginations, (top 1000 players are listed)
+ Added {page} placeholder to leaderboard embed description.
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