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ARK Rcon Commander Bot

Program ARK Rcon Commander Bot 2.1

+ Added server controller panels. now you can stop,start,restart your servers with buttons :)
+ Added server controller commands. now you can also control your servers with slash commands!
+ Fixed "allowBotInteraction" option from working incorrectly
+ Added AutoCommander system that can send commands at a specific time or interval.
+ Added option to allow other bots to use the rcon commander.
+ Added server tags to send commands to a selection of servers.
+ Updated message commands, and optimized command formating.
+ Added {value} parameter for scripts, this can be set like the {id} parameter.
+ Updated rcon commander message formats to display returned data more clearly.
+ Upgraded framework to use the newest discord API.
+ Optimized command/script permission system.
+ Many other optimizations and improvements.
⚠️ Be aware when you update to this version you have to create a ticket to activate your bot again.

+ Updated authorizing system.
+ Enhanced Console logging information.
+ updated config, it now supports comments.
+ Fixed embeds from sending if the message has too many characters.
+ Code optimizations
- Due to the file upload limit update I was not able to include the bot files.
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