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Is there a possibility to also check for enemy structrues at the home-destination? As I recognize, now it's possible to add a home, when own structures are nearby, but once the home is set, it keeps there, even if own structures are gone and also if an enemy built a base there. So players can theoretically port into enemy base.


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Hello, new to verygame, I discovered this plugin that works on my server. However I would like to modify it (deadlines and teleport message) I don't know where I need to put the configuration ( / Game user.ini) thanks in advance


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Bug: Crashing Genesis. Around 60% of the time using /home from or to ocean biome rips the server. No crash log tho.


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Hello - this plugin has been a feature of our servers for a long time, we love it.

I don't know if you're still supporting / bug fixing this, but ...

Since the Crystal Isles/Birthday event patch, there seems to be a bug whereby one player has a home, and it is being applied to all players... so only one home can exist in the server. Any player can delete that home and replace it with a different one.

We have it configured to 1 home per person.
Player A sets a home.
All other players see that as their home
Players cannot set another of their own
Any player can delete that home

Configured teleports are still working fine - it's just the player homes that has gone faulty. [EDIT: sadly turns out /tps are buggy also]

Hope that makes sense!
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No it won't make you lag.. but it's broken since the CI patch (at least, on our servers it is)
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