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We're excited to announce some tremendous recent additions that @WETBATMAN has been working on. This new update allows you to have new features that dramatically improve your quality of life.

  • The framework will automatically download the latest "Permissions" plugin if no folder is detected. No more having issues where users can't boot up the framework as a result of missing the permissions plugin.
  • The framework will now automatically stay up to date when booting servers online. No more having to find the latest API files on the website; it will automatically stay up to date every time you reboot or start your gaming server.
  • Improved the overall performance when handling new automatic update features, so it unpacks directly using the machine's RAM to give it an overall performance boost to prevent write operations to the disk.
  • As always, the source code is open source and updated on the "Github" page for all users to use for personal use.
Honorable notes:
Special thanks to all development team members for working hard on this update, and a huge shoutout to wetbatman for deploying this update live.
  • Fixed crashes when reloading plugins with .ArkApi files.
  • Fixed "SaveWorldBeforePluginReload" config option. If true it will auto save world if any .ArkApi file is found.
  • Removed "Permissions" plugin files from the API zip file. If you wish to use Permissions plugin please head over to the permissions' plugin page ( )
  • Implemented tick/timer crash fix (for those referencing crashes from Hook_UWorld_Tick, or Hook_AGameState_DefaultTimer).
  • Fixed some cases where Find Player From SteamId wouldn't work even if the player was online
  • Fixed high RAM usage
  • Updated PDB Reader to fix crashes brought by latest ark versions (deflate, addler, compress crashes, etc...).
  • Startup time is slightly faster now
  • Removed Tick/Timer crash prevention due to some issues that could be derived from allowing corrupt program state after preventing a crash.
  • Removed most config options that are no longer needed (/Win64 config.json file).
  • Fixed auto plugin reload config read, it won't be ignored now.

Notes for developers

  • Due to PDB Reader update some overloaded functions will just have 1 overload available. API now reads the first available overload.
  • For the above reason one of the affected classes is `FName`. Headers have been updated and plugins using FNames **must be recompiled** against these updated headers. Old FNames won't crash, but they will have the wrong string passed on and features might not work as expected.
  • Any overloaded function could have been affected, if you find any overload that does not work anymore, let us know and we will update the headers, or you can make a pull request to the GitHub repository.
  • Updated Permissions plugin bundled with Ark Api
  • Introuduced a new HTTP requests library, faster than the old one (Big thanks to WETBATMAN!)
  • Added a new crash prevention for Tick/Timer callbacks, it will now output the callback name in order to make debugging of the issue easier (Big thanks to Lethal!)
  • Added new tools for plugin developers
  • Prevented some crashes when game classes or functions were not correctly dumped in a PdbConfig.json. All classes and functions are now dumped by default.
- Fixed SteamID not beeing obtained correctly.
  • Added Hotplug feature for plugins
  • Updated API for Genesis
  • Fixed an issue with timer that caused a crash, this is related to requests
  • Added latest fixes which should prevent some rare crashes
  • Added new requests functions
  • Updated Permissions plugin to current version (1.5)
  • Fixed Requests
  • Fixed a crash which has been caused by Timers
  • Updated functions from game
  • Added the possibility to dump all symbols from PDB (very useful for developer so they don't need to adjust the structures on API config)
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