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Verified ARK: Server API 3.55

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This tool is outstanding and allows community members to fully take advantage of having plugins on their community servers.
Plugins enable so much more to do with a server. Wouldn't run another server without it. Manager works most excellent
Great new features, however, mine still shows as 3.54, but the log shows the new features loaded, I'll try and copy it over again.
That's normal and to be expected the actual framework itself didn't update only the auto updater has been added.
I use it across my entire cluster and I absolutely love the capabilities it gives the community! Well done!
I just wanted to share that I've made a plugin editor for whole cluster with ease :) here's the repo
I have been searching for a long time but have not found the development documentation of the API. How could this be?
Easy plugin to assign different roles to players, with custom packages, points options, timers... ❤️‍🔥🔥
не поддерживается в России, из за этого я не могу скачать даже бесплатные файлы. ужасный сайт !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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