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Gear up with the best weapons in Velheim, starting with the letter 'G', for unmatched power and dominance in battles - find out why you can't afford to miss out!
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When battling in Velheim, choose your weapons wisely. Swords are essential for slashing attacks and crowd control. Daggers offer swift strikes, especially the Blackmetal Knife. Maces are great for staggering armored enemies, like the Stagbreaker. Axes excel at slashing damage, with the Blackmetal Atgeir as a top choice. Spears are perfect for piercing attacks, especially against bigger foes. Bows provide tactical advantages with different types and arrow effects. Other notable weapons like Abyssal Razor and Serpent Scale Shield offer unique combat styles. Master these weapons for ultimate success in Velheim's battles.

Key Takeaways

  • Blackmetal Atgeir is a top-tier two-handed axe for powerful slashing attacks.
  • Draugr Fang Bow stands out with poison effects for added damage over time.
  • Abyssal Harpoon offers versatility and strategic advantage in ranged combat.
  • Stagbreaker mace excels in area-of-effect damage for crowd control.
  • Customize swords for progression and master swordplay for success in battles.


When embarking on your journey in Valheim, swords become essential tools for dealing slashing damage and stunning enemies with their secondary attack. These versatile weapons are among the best choices for combat due to their effectiveness against a variety of enemies in the game. The ability to stun enemies with the secondary attack provides valuable crowd control, giving you an edge in challenging situations.

As you progress through different material tiers, you have the opportunity to forge more powerful sword versions. Crafting advancements play a pivotal role in accessing improved sword versions with enhanced stats and abilities. This progression allows you to customize your swords to suit your playstyle and tackle tougher foes as you journey through Valheim.

In Valheim, mastering the use of swords is key to your success in battles. Whether you prefer a swift one-handed sword or a more substantial two-handed blade, each type offers unique advantages. Experimenting with different sword types and crafting advancements will help you find the best weapon that suits your combat preferences and ensures you're well-equipped to face the challenges that await in the world of Valheim.


When it comes to daggers in Valheim, you'll find they offer swift strikes and low stamina consumption, perfect for those seeking agility in combat. These weapons excel in delivering massive sneak attack damage, making them a top choice for players who prefer stealthy tactics.

With their emphasis on speed and offense rather than defense, Valheim daggers provide a unique combat experience that rewards skillful maneuvering.

Dagger Types

Crafting recipes for various types of daggers in Valheim present unique challenges due to the necessity of rare resources for accessing them. Daggers in Valheim are the lightest weapons, offering low stamina cost and high mobility during combat. They excel in delivering massive sneak attack damage when undetected, making them perfect for stealthy approaches. However, due to their low block power and parry force, agile and strategic combat tactics are required. The best Valheim dagger is the Blackmetal Knife, crafted from black metal at a level 4 workbench with specific materials. Here is a comparison table of different dagger types in Valheim:

Dagger Type Material Needed Crafting Station
Blackmetal Knife Black Metal Level 4 Workbench
Flint Dagger Flint Workbench
Abyssal Razor Chitin Forge

Combat Effectiveness

For maximizing your effectiveness in combat with daggers in Valheim, focus on exploiting your opponents' vulnerabilities through swift strikes and evasive maneuvers. Daggers offer high mobility and low stamina cost, making them ideal for hit-and-run tactics. While they excel in sneak attacks, dealing massive damage when undetected, their low block power and parry force suggest a more effective approach.

Crafting advanced daggers like the Blackmetal Knife requires rare materials and a level 4 workbench. Players who prioritize quick, agile combat styles and value stealth and precision will find daggers to be the best weapon choice. Remember to utilize their special attacks wisely to maximize your combat effectiveness, balancing between blunt and piercing damage for outstanding results.


weapon made of metal

Maces in Valheim stand out as formidable blunt weapons designed to deliver extra stagger damage, making them particularly effective against armored foes. These sturdy weapons offer bonus damage specifically tailored for taking down skeletons, making them ideal choices when facing off against undead adversaries.

In Valheim, players have access to different types of maces, each with its own unique characteristics and crafting requirements. The Stagbreaker, a two-handed hammer, excels in area-of-effect (AoE) damage, making it perfect for situations where crowd control is essential. On the other hand, the Porcupine is a one-handed mace that combines both blunt and piercing damage. To acquire the Porcupine, players need to reach the level 4 Forge and gather specific materials to craft this versatile weapon.

When exploring the dangerous world of Valheim, having a reliable mace can be a game-changer, especially when facing heavily armored foes. Whether you prefer the wide swings of the Stagbreaker or the mix of blunt and piercing damage offered by the Porcupine, maces provide a solid option for adventurers looking to crush their enemies with powerful strikes.


Axes in Valheim, formidable two-handed weapons, excel at delivering slashing damage to their foes. These weapons aren't only effective in combat but also prove to be valuable tools for gathering resources like wood due to their ability to chop down trees efficiently.

  • Iron Atgeir: After discovering the secrets of iron in the game, players can craft the Iron Atgeir, a powerful two-handed axe that can cleave through enemies with ease. Its strength and durability make it a reliable choice for challenging battles.
  • Secondary Attack: Axes come with a powerful secondary attack that can be pivotal in different combat scenarios. This additional move adds versatility to your fighting style, allowing you to adapt to various enemy types and situations effectively.
  • Blackmetal Atgeir: For those seeking the pinnacle of axe craftsmanship, the Blackmetal Atgeir is a top-tier weapon that can be crafted using specific materials. This axe boasts enhanced power and effectiveness, making it a formidable choice for players looking to dominate their foes in combat.

Axes not only offer a potent offensive capability but also provide a satisfying combat experience that rewards skillful play. Whether you're facing off against enemies or harvesting resources, mastering the use of these two-handed weapons can greatly enhance your adventures in the world of Valheim.


ancient hunting tools used

You've already learned about the effectiveness of spears in dealing piercing damage, especially against armored foes.

Now, let's explore the different types of spears available in Valheim and the combat techniques that can maximize their potential in battle.

From the versatile Abyssal Harpoon to the cost-effective Fang Spear, mastering spear combat can give you a strategic edge in various biomes.

Spear Types

Spear types in Valheim offer a range of strategic advantages and unique abilities for players looking to excel in combat situations. Some key points to ponder when selecting a spear type include:

  • Abyssal Harpoon: The Abyssal Harpoon stands out for its ability to deal piercing damage and its option for thrown attacks, providing versatility in both melee and ranged combat.
  • Damage Output: Spears are particularly effective against larger enemies like trolls due to their reach and impressive damage output.
  • Strategic Advantage: Spear throwing offers a strategic edge by allowing players to keep their distance from opponents while inflicting damage, making it easier to control the flow of battle.

Spear Combat Techniques

When engaging in combat using spears in Valheim, mastering effective techniques can give you a significant advantage on the battlefield.

Spears, with their longer reach among melee weapons, excel at keeping foes at a distance. Utilize thrusting attacks to control the engagement and maintain a safe space from enemies.

The special attack of spears packs a punch, delivering substantial damage to your adversaries. Particularly effective against enemies vulnerable to piercing damage, such as trolls, spears can swiftly turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Additionally, don't overlook the ranged option that throwing spears provide, allowing you to engage opponents from afar before closing in for the kill.

Mastering these combat techniques will make you a formidable warrior in Valheim.


Bows in Valheim serve as essential ranged weapons, allowing players to kite enemies and inflict piercing damage effectively. When mastering the use of bows, consider the following key points:

  • Crafting Varieties: Different bow types are available, each with varying crafting requirements and effectiveness. Choosing the right bow that suits your playstyle and resources can have a substantial impact on your combat success.
  • Arrow Selection: Arrows used with bows come in various types, offering different damage effects for tactical advantage. Understanding the properties of each arrow type can enhance your overall damage output and hunting efficiency.
  • Draugr Fang Bow: The Draugr Fang bow stands out among players for its poison effect. This unique attribute makes it a top choice for those looking to add extra damage over time to their ranged attacks.

Other Weapons

mechanisms of self protection

For a diverse combat arsenal in Valheim, exploring the domain of 'Other Weapons' opens up new strategic possibilities and enhances your overall effectiveness in battles.

The Abyssal Razor, crafted with 4 fine wood, 20 chitin, and 2 leather scraps, offers a swift and deadly option for close combat encounters. Its sharp edge cuts through enemies with precision, making it a valuable addition to your weaponry.

On the other hand, the Abyssal Harpoon, requiring 8 fine wood, 30 chitin, and 3 leather scraps, provides a unique ranged option that can pull enemies towards you or vice versa, adding a tactical advantage in various combat scenarios.

If you seek defense, the Serpent Scale Shield is crafted with 10 fine wood, 4 iron, and 8 serpent scales, offering sturdy protection against incoming threats. This shield's resilience and durability make it a reliable choice when facing formidable opponents.

Additionally, the KnifeChitin and SpearChitin, made from deep sea materials, introduce unconventional yet effective combat styles. The KnifeChitin enables swift and precise strikes, while the SpearChitin harnesses the power of the ocean for a versatile and potent weapon choice.

Embracing these unique combat options will unquestionably diversify your fighting strategies and elevate your combat prowess in the unforgiving world of Valheim.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Weapon Against the Seekers in Valheim?

When facing Seekers in Valheim, the Mistilteinn is your best weapon. Crafted from materials like Ymir Flesh and Freeze Gland, this two-handed weapon deals high stagger and damage.

Seekers are weak to blunt damage, making the Mistilteinn very effective against them. Utilize its special attack to stagger and defeat Seekers efficiently.

Remember to upgrade it to enhance its damage output for tougher battles. The Mistilteinn will be your go-to weapon against Seekers in Valheim.

Is Mistwalker Better Than Blackmetal Sword?

Mistwalker may seem superior due to its frost damage and special attack, but don't overlook the Blackmetal Sword's speed and versatility.

The Mistwalker's frost damage is effective against fire-weak enemies, while the Blackmetal Sword's quick strikes are great for fast-paced combat.

Consider your playstyle and the enemy type you're facing to determine which weapon suits you best.

Both weapons have unique strengths, making them valuable in different situations.

What Is the Best Damage Type in Valheim?

When deciding on the best damage type in Valheim, consider the enemy you're facing. Blunt damage is great for skeletons, while slashing works well against most foes. Piercing damage is effective against heavily armored enemies like trolls.

Elemental damage, such as fire or frost, can give you an edge against specific enemy types. Adapting your damage type to exploit enemy weaknesses will greatly enhance your combat prowess.

What Is the Best Weapon to Fight Queen Valheim?

When facing Queen Valheim, you'll want a weapon that can deliver both blunt damage and elemental effects like frost.

Mistlands weapons could be a game-changer in the future for this fight. The key is to experiment with different weapons to find what works best for you.


As you journey through Velheim, remember that your weapon isn't just a tool, but an extension of your strength and will. Choose wisely, for your sword is a reflection of your courage, your dagger a symbol of your precision, and your bow a validation of your skill.

Let your weapons guide you through the challenges ahead, like a beacon of hope in the darkness, shining bright with the promise of victory.

Embrace your arsenal, and conquer all that stands in your way.

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