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Excellent Communication Skills

In today's world, where technology has made communication easier and faster, ensuring that our messages are clear and compelling has become more critical than ever. In online communication, such as chat rooms, clear and compelling communication is crucial for maintaining a positive atmosphere, resolving conflicts, and enforcing rules. Communicating effectively can make all the difference in ensuring that everyone in the chat feels understood, respected, and valued.

In-depth Understanding of Community Guidelines

Moderators must thoroughly understand the community guidelines and regulations of the platform they are tasked with administering. This knowledge empowers them to carry out their duties consistently and fairly, ensuring that all members are accountable for their actions.

Empathy and Patience

Moderating online communities or forums can be a challenging task that demands high emotional intelligence, empathy, and patience. As a moderator, you must be able to handle diverse users from different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. Apart from that, dealing with potential conflicts and resolving issues requires you to defuse situations and address concerns calmly, clearly, and effectively. In other words, being a good moderator means putting yourself in your users' shoes, understanding their needs and concerns, and creating a safe and welcoming environment that fosters healthy discussions and interactions.

Quick Decision-Making Abilities

Moderators are frequently required to take prompt action to tackle any unsuitable content or behavior on the platform. Quickly analyzing and responding to a situation is a crucial aspect of their job.

Familiarity with the Platform

Moderators need to possess comprehensive knowledge of the various features and functionalities of the platform they are responsible for moderating. This enables them to navigate the platform efficiently and address potential issues or concerns.

Three Months Minimum

To join our support team, we have a mandatory requirement that all applicants possess at least three months of experience within our gaming community. This experience is necessary to ensure that our support team members are well-versed in our community's culture, values, and practices, essential to providing our gamers with the best support possible.


As online platforms and communities grow and change, moderators must stay updated with the latest policies, features, and user behaviors. This ensures they can effectively maintain a safe and positive user environment. Adapting to new developments and trends is crucial for moderators to keep communities running smoothly and avoid potential issues.

Attention to Detail

Moderators play a crucial role in ensuring a safe and healthy online community by carefully monitoring user interactions, scrutinizing content for violating community guidelines, and promptly addressing any reported issues or concerns. Moderators must be vigilant and accurate in identifying potential rule violations to maintain a fair and respectful online environment for all users.


Moderators are responsible for representing the platform and shaping the community culture. They are the first point of contact for users and must always maintain a professional demeanor. By enforcing the rules and guidelines, moderators ensure that the platform remains a safe and respectful space for all users. Their actions and words have a significant impact on the community. Thus, they must be fair and helpful and exemplify the platform's values.

Conflict Resolution Skills

To ensure a harmonious and thriving community, moderators need to possess a high level of skill in conflict resolution and diplomacy and the ability to foster productive and positive discussions. Additionally, moderators should be skilled at identifying and addressing sources of tension within the community constructively and proactively.
What positions are for hire?

We have a variety of open positions available, each with its unique set of responsibilities and requirements. Whether you’re interested in providing technical support, managing customer accounts, or assisting with billing inquiries, we have a role that might be the perfect fit for you. Look at the list of available positions below and see if any match your skills and experience.

  • The development team at GameServersHub is comprised of support team members with specialized coding, programming, and content creation skills. It is a paid position that offers financial benefits. The compensation package depends on the individual’s specific role and responsibilities within the team. However, a high level of activity and dedication is expected to be rewarded accordingly.
  • In a Discord Chat Moderator role, one must maintain a consistent online presence to effectively moderate the general chat channels. This involves identifying and addressing trolls seeking to circumvent the automated moderation systems. Chat moderators play a vital role in ensuring the community remains free from rule-breakers and violators, creating a safe and conducive environment for positive interactions.
  • GamingOGs is a subsidiary of our parent company, GameServersHub. GamingOGs specializes in running video game servers. The subsidiary, GamingOGs, offers video game moderators a chance to unlock and earn benefits across various platforms such as Discord, the website, and in-game. 
  • As a video game moderator, you have a responsibility akin to that of a Discord chat moderator. Your primary duty is to ensure that in-game chats and spaces remain safe and non-toxic. This responsibility is crucial for maintaining a healthy and positive gaming community. 
  • By fulfilling your role as a video game moderator, you not only unlock and earn benefits but also contribute to the smooth operation of the gaming community. It is, therefore, essential to take your responsibilities seriously and ensure that the gaming community is safe and non-toxic for all players.
  • As a volunteer member of the ServerAPI project team, you will be granted access to provide support and updates for the ServerAPI projects. This role carries significant responsibilities and is only offered to active and trustworthy development team members. While applications are open to all, it is essential to note that prospective team members will be required to sign a legally binding non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before joining the team. Additionally, team members are expected to provide regular updates of the highest quality.
  • As with your fellow chat moderators, your primary responsibility is to moderate and ensure that our website traffic complies with the rules and terms of service that we have established. This is a crucial function that helps maintain our platform’s integrity and ensure that all users have a positive experience. As a moderator, you are expected to be diligent and thorough in your work and to enforce our policies fairly and consistently. We appreciate your dedication to this vital task, and we are confident that you will continue to uphold the standards of excellence that we have set forth.
  • As a representative of GSH’s advertising team, your primary responsibility is to enhance and augment traffic to our platform through multifaceted marketing approaches. This salaried position seeks to employ knowledgeable individuals proficient in diverse marketing methodologies, including SEO, social media advertising, and other related domains.
  • This job opportunity pertains to our GamingOGs enterprise, where you will assume the role of a server owner. GSH is responsible for providing you with the necessary hardware and all other essential equipment, free of cost, provided you run gaming servers for GamingOGs. You will also receive lifetime profits from any game server you manage. This position holds significant value if you possess the talent to configure and operate gaming servers but need more financial resources.
  • GameServersHub includes a subsidiary known as “GameServersHosting,” which specializes in providing dedicated server hosting services to customers. This hosting branch operates under GameServersHub and allows consumers to purchase game servers. The support team responsible for this subsidiary handles customer support tickets and related matters on the hosting side of the business.