Rated #1 for beginners to advance, GameServersHub offers gaming news and much more. Everyone has a chance to run some of the most popular and successful gaming-related communities in the entire world from all parts of the world.

Plugin Platform

GameServersHub is the world's largest online marketplace for video game-related communities where you can download resources and game plugins. Developers can take advantage of this to earn passive income by working directly with the market.

Update Notifications

Unlock the ability to have instant notifications and alerts when your favorite content is updated, or new resources are released. GameServersHub offers the latest news sources for the latest video game trends.

Premium Plugins

The website grants community members access to install premium plugins and resources directly to their video game communities. This allows developers to earn a clean, legitimate income while also providing the highest quality plugins the online marketplace can offer.

Free Plugins

The website aims to provide more free plugins and resources for the public audience. You will unlock thousands of new plugins and resources you can take full advantage of to improve your overall gaming experience.


GameServersHub has the world's largest online digital marketplace for gaming-related sales; it's the perfect marketplace for freelancers worldwide to come together to earn passive income while also serving the public needs by providing the highest quality content available to the world.

Easy Checkout

Are you tired of over-complicated steps for users to purchase plugins and resources or hire freelance services? Our online marketplace has built-in support for the powerful eCommerce platforms to ensure users have a simple checkout experience.

Secure Payments

Rest assured that all payments and transactions conducted on the website follow strict policies to protect all information while keeping your private information safe and secure from outside sources. GameServersHub does not sell or distribute any sensitive information to outside third parties.

Community Support

GameServersHub provides online forums and a marketplace alongside a well-established discord community that grants you instant access to thousands of free knowledge and tech support to get you started with your video gaming servers and hosting experiences. If you have a question about anything video game server hosting-related, you can rest assured that this is the perfect place for you.

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