Palworld Beginner’s Guide! With these 5 easy steps, you’ll conquer your first day quickly.

Prepare to embark on an exciting adventure in Palworld’s vast, untamed frontier! But before you jump in and start taming Pals and building your base, preparing yourself for survival is essential. Our quick guide will help you unlock the secrets of your first day, from mastering basic mechanics and taming the perfect starter Pal to crafting essential gear. To make your first day in Palworld legendary, ensure a smooth and lag-free gameplay experience by securing your own Palworld server hosting. With our guide and your own server, you’ll be well-equipped to conquer the early grind and confidently start your journey in Palworld!

Surviving Day 1: The Top Five Actions Every Player Needs 

If you are a new Palworld player, there are specific actions you should take on your first day to set yourself up for success in the game. Here are five essential things you should do to conquer day one:

    1. Collect resources: Start gathering resources like wood, stones, and plants that you’ll need to craft items and build structures.
    2. Build a shelter: Create a safe space to store your resources and protect yourself from creatures that come out at night.
    3. Craft tools: Use your collected resources to craft essential tools like axes and pickaxes to help you gather more resources.
    4. Explore: Take some time to explore your surroundings and get familiar with the game world. This will help you find more resources and discover new areas to explore.
    5. Make friends: Palworld is a social game, so try to make friends with other players. This will help you learn more about the game and get tips and advice from experienced players.

Palworld’s sprawling wilderness beckons with adventure, but it can feel overwhelming for any newcomer. Fear not, intrepid explorer! This guide outlines the top actions you MUST take to conquer your first day and lay the foundation for a thriving Palworld future.


When in doubt, use the Palworld Survival Guide

Don’t let confusion and frustration stand in the way of your success in Palworld. Utilize the invaluable in-game survival guide to ensure a seamless start to your adventure. The guide provides valuable insights on gathering resources and crafting essential tools, constructing a comfortable shelter to protect you from the elements, and befriending a loyal Pal companion to assist you. By following this sage advice, you can establish a solid foundation for a thriving and immersive Palworld experience.


Base Building: Day 1 Find The Perfect Location

  • Building a solid and reliable base on your first day in the game is crucial. To achieve this, consider finding a plot of land rich in resources and free of predators. Even a location close to the spawn point can suit this purpose. Once you have found a good spot, start gathering wood and stone, as they will be your main currency in the beginning. 
  • Next, you should build the Palbox, which will serve as your base hub, a fast travel point, and a safe haven for you and your Pal. Crafting a Primitive Workbench is also essential as it will help you unlock tools, armor, and Pal Spheres. Additionally, you can build a Repair Bench to keep your gear in good condition.
  • To automate the resource flow, it is recommended that you unlock and build a Stone Pit and Logging Site. This will help you gather resources more efficiently and keep your base running smoothly.
  • Remember that your base is not a palace and should be built strategically. Focus on building innovation and upgrading later. You can conquer your first day in the game by following these tips.


Palworld Pals: The Friends You Wish You Had

  • Experience Leveling: When capturing Pals in XP Explosion, it’s important to remember that befriending them is much more beneficial than defeating them. In fact, every time you successfully capture a Pal (especially the first 10), you and your party will be rewarded with valuable EXP points. So, aim for friendship rather than victory to level up quickly and efficiently.
  • Resource Boom: Imagine exploring the vast wilderness and stumbling upon furry creatures or scaly beasts. As you approach them, you realize that they drop valuable materials like leather and wool, which can fuel your crafting and building dreams. With each encounter, you become more skilled and resourceful, ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.
  • Base Buddies: Are you tired of constantly fighting to keep your base running smoothly? Well, why not put your Pals to work and watch your base transform into a thriving and bustling paradise! With their unique abilities and skills, assigning tasks to your Pals will make your life much easier. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s put those Pals to work!
  • Level Up Together: Level up your party Pal by capturing more Pals – the more you catch, the stronger everyone becomes. Take advantage of this chance to boost your team’s power. Catch ’em all (with kindness) now!
  • Stealth & Skills: Learn the art of stealth and surprise with Craft Pal Spheres. These handy tools allow you to weaken your opponents without causing too much damage. If you’re just starting out, try practicing on gentle giants like Lamballs.

Looking for a game that celebrates friendship and kindness instead of violence? Look no further than Palworld! With Palworld, you can catch and build your team while conquering the wild wonders with compassion. So why not join the fun and see how far your kindness can take you?


Discover these fantastic Carry Capacity & Hunger Hacks to help you thrive as a Palworld Pioneer!

Listen up, Palworld champions! You must rely on your trusty Pals to dominate battles and build the ultimate base. But exploring the wilds and collecting precious loot is all about your inventory skills. Get ready to stay pumped and loaded with these tips to keep you energized and ready for any challenge!

  • Pack Like a Pack Mule: It’s important to remember the significance of Weight upgrades. Don’t underestimate their power! To ensure you have enough space to carry heavy items, it’s wise to invest a few stat points early to boost your Carry Capacity. This way, you’ll be fully prepared to explore ore mountains or treasure troves filled with rare eggs without worrying about running out of space. You’ll be grateful for that extra room when you discover valuable loot!
  • Never Leave Hungry: Feeling hungry can quickly put a damper on your adventure when you’re out exploring the vast and exciting world of Palworld. To ensure that your orange Hunger Meter stays content and complete, it’s advisable to pack some red berries before you set out. These berries are a great starter food staple and energize you throughout your journey. Alternatively, you can hunt down and capture Pal drops to feast on, which will also help satisfy your Hunger Meter and keep you going strong.
  • Master the Culinary Arts: Did you know that a campfire can be used for more than just telling spooky stories and keeping warm? You can cook your food on it to increase its nutritional value and considerably boost your hunger meter. It’s essential to remember that food spoils over time, so eat it up or use the Refrigerator to store it for later feasts.

Bonus Tip: You can significantly increase your carrying capacity by crafting a basket. Take advantage of the opportunity to stock up and explore to your heart’s content, Palworld pioneer!


Wear warm clothing to prepare for the chilly weather and protect yourself from the cold. Remember to stay cozy and comfortable by layering up with insulating materials.

When exploring Palworld, the chilly nights can hinder your progress. However, you can stay warm and comfortable in style by crafting the right items. Wool is a great early-game material used to make cloth and basic armor. To produce more wool, you can build a Ranch at your base and assign a wool-producing Pal such as a Lamball, Melpaca, or Cremis. You can then use a Primitive Workbench to transform the wool into cloth and craft basic armor to protect yourself from the cold.

As you progress and level up, you can unlock more recipes for crafting advanced armor materials such as leather and metal. Be sure to use Pal materials, as hunting and mining can yield leather and metals that can be used to create stylish and functional armor.

By using your creativity and resourcefulness, you can become a true Palworld fashionista, ready to take on any challenge in style. So don’t let the chilly nights dampen your exploration – turn them into a Palworld runway and show off your fashion sense!


Unlock the thrilling potential of Palworld exploration with a straightforward tool: fast travel. Say goodbye to tedious journeys and hello to instant adventure. Discover new horizons, encounter rare creatures, and quickly uncover hidden treasures. Don’t let distance hold you back – fast travel is the key to your next great adventure.

Listen up, adventurer! When you’re out and about, keep your eyes open for those iconic orange statues with an eagle perched on top. Those Fast Travel statues will transport you to new and exciting destinations quickly! 

But that’s not all – these statues also hold valuable Technology Points that you can use to unlock powerful new crafting recipes and technologies. And if you haven’t discovered a Fast Travel statue yet, don’t worry – just follow the eagle icon on your compass to find them. So what are you waiting for? Get out there, find those statues, and uncover all the amazing rewards they have in store for you!

Here are some tips for unlocking Fast Travel statues safely:

  • Start by exploring the areas near your base. Engaging in this activity will allow you to acquaint yourself with the game mechanics and enhance your physical prowess, which will be advantageous when you eventually embark on more hazardous missions.
  • Use your compass to help you find statues. Let the eagle icon be your guide and lead you in the right direction.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. If you encounter formidable foes, I urge you to reconsider and retreat. Come back when you feel prepared to face them with confidence and vigor. Remember, discretion is the better part of valor.

Congratulations! You are now equipped with the ultimate early-game essentials to conquer Palworld! With your power-packed skills, from crafting cozy armor to befriending Pals and mastering the Fast Travel network, you are all set to thrive in this wild wonderland like never before! So, adventurer, what are you waiting for? It’s time to embark on an epic journey and build your Palworld legacy! Remember, you are invincible and unstoppable with these tips as your guiding light. Who knows, you could be the one carving your name in the Palworld Hall of Fame! Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!