How to Find Palworld Honey

Delve into Palworld to uncover the secrets of finding sweet honey - a journey filled with surprises and challenges awaits!
locating palworld honey guide

To discover Palworld honey, defeat Cinnamoth and Beegarde for drops. Cinnamoth is in Cinnamoth Forest, and Beegarde is near Free PAL Alliance Tower. Capture Beegarde to establish a honey farm. Assign Beegarde to work at your ranch for a consistent supply. Additionally, explore Moonless Shore for honey drops from Cinnamoths and Elizabees. Be cautious of Alpha Elizabees. Search Mossanda Forest for Beegardes' honey drops, but watch out for their self-destruct ability. Visit Sealed Land to encounter Pal Warsect in Stalwart dungeon for challenging but rewarding honey collection. Strategize and target specific Pals for best honey production. Start your sweet adventure!

Key Takeaways

  • Defeat Cinnamoth and Beegarde for honey drops in specific locations.
  • Catch Beegarde to establish a honey farm at your base.
  • Assign Beegardes to work at your Ranch for maximum honey production.
  • Explore different areas like Cinnamoth Forest and Mossanda Forest for honey.
  • Challenge Pal Warsect in Sealed Domain for a chance to obtain honey.

Defeat Specific Pals for Honey

To obtain honey in Palworld, defeat specific Pals such as Cinnamoth and Beegarde as they drop honey when defeated. Cinnamoth can be found in Cinnamoth Forest, and when you defeat this Pal, it will drop honey as a reward. Another Pal that you can defeat for honey is Beegarde, located near the Free PAL Alliance Tower. Beegarde is the second boss in Palworld, and upon its defeat, you'll also receive honey.

If you're looking to gather honey more efficiently, you can establish a honey farm at your base. Catch Beegarde near the Free PAL Alliance Tower and assign it to work at your base's ranch. By utilizing Beegarde as a worker in your ranch, you can maintain a consistent production of honey. This method allows you to have a steady supply of honey without having to rely solely on defeating Pals like Cinnamoth and Beegarde in the wild.

Utilize Beegardes at Ranch

use beegardes for ranching

After defeating Beegardes near the Free PAL Alliance Tower, strategically assign them to work at your Ranch for maximum honey production in Palworld. Beegardes are vital Pals known for their exceptional ability to produce honey. By capturing these Pals and managing them efficiently at your Ranch, you can guarantee a steady supply of honey over time.

Utilizing Beegardes at your Ranch is a key strategy in Palworld to gather honey consistently. These Pals thrive in a Ranch environment, making them ideal for honey production. When you have Beegardes working at your Ranch, you're establishing a reliable system to collect honey for various uses in Palworld.

Remember to carefully manage your Beegardes to maximize their honey-producing potential. Assign tasks that align with their strengths and provide them with the necessary resources for peak productivity. By doing so, you can enhance your honey production and make the most of these valuable Pals in Palworld.

Explore Moonless Shore for Honey

honey hunting on shore

Head to Moonless Shore to discover a variety of Pals dropping honey, including Cinnamoths and Elizabees. Cinnamoths, which are relatively easier to defeat for honey, can be encountered northwest of the Plateau of Beginnings in Moonless Shore. If you're in the Devouts Mineshaft area within Moonless Shore, keep an eye out for Elizabees, another honey-producing Pal. However, be cautious as there are stronger Alpha Elizabees in specific locations like the Devouts Mineshaft.

Exploring Moonless Shore is a recommended strategy to gather honey in Palworld due to the presence of multiple Pals that drop this valuable resource. Keep your wits about you as you navigate this area and engage with the different Pals to secure your honey supply. Remember, each Pal may require a slightly different approach, so adapt your tactics accordingly when encountering Cinnamoths and Elizabees in Moonless Shore. Happy hunting for that sweet honey!

Search Mossanda Forest for Honey

explore mossanda forest for honey

Start your search for Honey in Mossanda Forest, where Beegardes can be found dropping this valuable resource. Beegardes are the key to obtaining Honey in Palworld, so keep an eye out for them during your exploration. Remember that Beegardes have a self-destruct ability, so approach them cautiously to avoid any unwanted surprises while collecting Honey in Mossanda Forest.

To maximize your chances of finding Honey, make sure to explore different areas within Mossanda Forest. Beegardes tend to roam various parts of the forest, so be thorough in your search to gather enough Honey for your base. Stay vigilant and attentive as you navigate through Mossanda Forest, as the Honey you collect can be a valuable asset in Palworld.

Visit Sealed Realm for Honey

realm offers honey jars

To locate Honey in Palworld, venture into the Sealed Domain where the formidable Pal Warsect awaits, ready to drop this coveted resource upon defeat.

The Sealed Domain within the Stalwart dungeon is where you can encounter the powerful Pal Warsect, who has the chance to drop Honey when defeated.

Warsect serves as an Alpha Boss in this dungeon, making it a challenging yet rewarding encounter for players seeking Honey.

How to Catch Beegarde

catching a beegarde bug

Venture further into the world of Palworld to capture Beegarde, being wary of its self-destruct ability that can hinder your efforts to add this valuable Pal to your team. Beegarde can be a tricky Pal to catch due to its self-destruct ability, so here are some tips to help you successfully capture it:

  • Stay Alert: Keep a close eye on Beegarde's behavior to anticipate when it might attempt to self-destruct.
  • Quick Capture: Act fast to secure Beegarde before it triggers its self-destruct sequence, ensuring you add it to your team safely.
  • Strategic Approach: Use ball-stalling techniques and flying Pals to increase your chances of catching Beegarde without triggering its self-destruct ability.

Best Pals for Honey

honey loving bear and friend

For maximum honey collection in Palworld, consider partnering with Beegarde and Elizabee, two top Pals known for their honey-producing abilities. Beegarde is a fantastic choice for obtaining honey, making it a valuable companion in your honey farming endeavors. Elizabee, found in specific locations like Mount Flopie, is another excellent option for honey collection. When exploring Mount Flopie, keep an eye out for Elizabee as it can provide you with a good amount of honey.

Mount Flopie is a recommended area for finding Pals that drop honey in Palworld, making it a prime spot for honey enthusiasts. This location, along with Gobfins Turf, is known for hosting Pals that are excellent sources of honey. Additionally, Snowy Mountain Fork is another place where you can encounter Pals like Elizabee, offering you more opportunities to collect honey. By teaming up with Beegarde and Elizabee in these locations, you can significantly enhance your honey production in Palworld.

Tips for Honey Farming

honey farming best practices

When farming for honey in Palworld, make sure you capture and assign Beegarde to your base's Ranch for best production. Be cautious when capturing Beegardes as they possess a self-destruct ability that can catch you off guard.

To enhance your honey production, stock up on Beegardes to speed up the process at your base. Utilize a Wooden Chest or Feed Box to gather all the honey in one convenient location, making it easier to manage your honey collection efficiently.

Honey Usage in Palworld

honey as currency system

To optimize your honey farming efforts in Palworld, understanding the important role honey plays in crafting Cakes for breeding Pals is essential.

In Palworld, Cakes are a critical component for breeding Pals, and honey is a key ingredient in making these delectable treats.

To begin breeding Pals, you must access the Breeding Farm at level 19.

Crafting a Cake involves using specific ingredients like honey, flour, red berries, milk, and eggs.

The Cooking Pot in Palworld is where you combine honey with these other ingredients to create the necessary Cakes for successful breeding.

Cakes made with honey are essential to the breeding mechanics within the game, allowing you to attract and breed a variety of Pals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Easiest Way to Get Honey in Palworld?

The easiest way to get honey in Palworld is by assigning Beegarde to work on your Ranch. Beegarde is the only Pal that can produce honey consistently.

Catch Beegarde near the Free PAL Alliance Tower and assign them to the Ranch for honey production. Beegarde is often found in teams of three near the Frostbound Mountains, making it easy to capture.

Utilize Beegarde for efficient and reliable honey farming for a steady supply in Palworld.

Which Pal Gives Honey?

Beegarde is the Pal that gives honey in Palworld. Defeat or capture Beegarde to obtain honey.

You can also assign Beegarde to work on the Ranch in your base to produce honey.

In addition to Beegarde, Cinnamoth, Elizabee, and Warsect are other Pals that can drop honey.

Honey is important for crafting cakes, essential for breeding Pals.

Utilize Beegarde's honey production to efficiently gather honey in Palworld.

Where Do You Find Bees in Palworld?

When looking for bees in Palworld, head near the Free PAL Alliance Tower. Bees, known as Beegardes, usually roam in groups of three, so be ready for a team encounter. Watch out for their self-destruct move, as it can be dangerous if not captured promptly.

To catch Beegardes successfully, aim to capture them before they trigger their self-destruct sequence. Once caught, assign a Beegarde as a worker in your base to start producing honey.

How Do You Get Honey in Power World?

To get honey in Palworld, you can capture specific Pals like Beegarde or defeat them in battles. Assigning Beegarde to work on your Ranch guarantees steady honey production. Watch out for their self-destruct ability and capture them before it's too late.

Honey is vital for crafting Cakes, essential for breeding Pals. Beegarde can also drop honey when defeated, making them a valuable source of this resource in Palworld.


To sum up, discovering palworld honey can be a rewarding task in your journey. Remember, 'the early bird catches the worm' – so don't hesitate to start your honey farming adventure today.

By defeating specific pals, utilizing beegardes, and exploring different locations, you'll be well on your way to collecting this sweet resource.

Happy hunting and may the honey be plentiful in your endeavors!

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